How to Find Top Rated Employers

When you're job searching or working on moving up the career ladder, it makes sense to aim for the best. When you are working at a company that is considered one of the best organizations to work for, you will typically find a terrific work environment, a great compensation package, good benefits and perks, as well as opportunities for advancement.

These career experts have compiled information on the top-rated employers, large and small, based on a variety of different criteria. Review information on the best companies to work for, the best companies for women, diversity and work-life balance, the best finance and health care companies and the best employers for internships.

Best Companies to Work For

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Is there a best company to work for? Which companies are the best to work for depends on what you're looking for in a potential employer and how you measure success. There are lots of lists of best companies you can review to find a company that could be the best for you - overall best company lists and lists of companies that are the best for certain types of workers.

Typical criteria for evaluating companies include salary, benefits, perks, job growth, and flexibility.

Best Company Lists


Best Companies for Internships

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Internships that provide hands-on experience, mentoring, and companies who treat interns like valued employees of their team are key ingredients that Internships Expert Penny Loretto searches for when spotlighting the Internship Pick of the Week. Here are the best companies for internships. More

Best Places to Work in Finance

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Looking for a career in finance? Interested in working for one of the leading finance employers? Flexible about where you might locate? Here's what you need to know about the best places to work in finance from Financial Careers Expert Mark Kolakowski.

Best Places to Work in Finance
Several financial services firms get frequent mention in surveys of the best places to work. Also included here links to analyses of the J.D. Power survey of the best firms for financial advisors, and FORTUNE magazine's report on the best 100 companies to work for, many of which are in finance services.

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

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The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government is an annual report produced by the Partnership for Public Service that shows how federal employees perceive their jobs and agencies. Here are the best large and the best small U.S. Government Agencies to work for. More

Best Companies for Health Care

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Health care companies typically rank high on the best companies to work for lists. Here's information on the best employers from Health Careers Expert Andrea Santiago.

Top Companies for Health Care
Among the top 100 companies, 21 are in the healthcare field, including six pharmaceutical companies, four medical device/equipment manufacturers, three home healthcare providers, and two healthcare IT firms. Only one hospital system made the list: Community Health Systems, which owns and operates 123 community hospitals nationwide.

Happiest Medical Companies
Are you seeking a job that is full of joy? Do you wish to work for a blissful boss? If you are in search of a happy health career, this new list of employers may be helpful to you. CareerBliss has ranked the top 50 happiest companies in America based on employee surveys. Ten of the euphoric employers are medical companies or employers of medical personnel.

Best Companies for Parents

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The best companies for parents are with companies that offer a flexible, high-paying and enjoyable workplace. With some planning and research, you too can land a job at one of the best companies for working mothers. Here's more on the best companies to work for. More