Where Is the Quicken Install File Located?

Three Simple Options to Locate Missing Install Files

Man sitting in front of a laptop and scratching his head while trying to find a file

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If you know you're going to use downloaded software, you should install it as soon as the download is complete, but no one's perfect. If you bought and downloaded Quicken personal finance software, but lost the file before you got around to installing it, there are a few steps you can take to track it down on your computer.

The Download Folder

Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one. The first place to look for the install file is in your web browser's "Download" folder. Files typically end up here if you don't specifically designate another location for them. You can find this folder in the following browsers with just a couple of clicks:

  • Google Chrome: Select the three dots icon, then select "Downloads."
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click "Tools," then select "Downloads."
  • Internet Explorer: Select the "Start" button to find your "Download" folder.

Search Your Computer

If you still can't find your Quicken install file, search your computer for the filename. It will start with "QW" and end with ".exe."

  • In Windows, click the "Start" icon in the bottom left corner, then click on the "Search" box, or on the "File Explorer" box if you're using Windows 10.
  • Mac users can open a "Finder" box by selecting the blue and white face icon in their toolbar, or by selecting the "Finder" tab at the top of the desktop page. From there, the search field will be in the upper righthand corner of the finder box.
  • Once you've found your computer's search field, type "QW," or ".exe," or both.
  • Run the search. It may take a while to find the file, especially if you have a large hard drive with a lot of data saved to it.
  • When your Quicken install file is located, double click the file from the search results to start the installation. It's also a good idea to take note of the folder where you found the file. This is most likely the default location for saving downloads. You can change this in your browser's settings, or make a note of it to avoid losing downloads in the future.

If All Else Fails, Download Quicken Again

If you bought Quicken from Quicken.com, you should have the ability to re-download the software for three years. As long as you're still within that timeframe, you can simply download it again if you can't find the original download.

All Quicken purchases require that users provide an email address and create usernames and passwords. If you find that you have to download Quicken again and you forgot either your username or password, you can recover either of them by selecting "Forgot Your Quicken ID or Password?" on Quicken's login page. 

Once you're logged in, click on the product you previously downloaded to download it again. When the download is complete, you'll be offered the option to install it right then and there. It is a good idea to install the software, using the install file, immediately after you download the file. It's literally just a few extra mouse clicks at the end of the download process—click on "Run," or, if you're using Google Chrome, click on the "Download Progress" tab at the bottom left corner of the pop-up. Quicken will guide you from there, offering step-by-step instructions to install or reinstall the program.

Once you've installed Quicken, you shouldn't have to worry about locating the install file again. It has already done what it was intended to do—your software is up and running.