Where Is the Quicken Install File Located?

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Question: Where is the Quicken install file located after I download it?

You should always write down where you're saving files on your computer when you download them, but no one's perfect. If you bought and downloaded Quicken personal finance software and can't find the install file, read on to learn how to find the file.

Answer: The first place to look for the install file is in your web browser's Download folder.

You'll find this folder in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Click on Window, Downloads
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click Tools, Downloads
  • Internet Explorer - Find files in your Windows Download folder: Click Windows Start button,

If you still can't find your Quicken install file, search your computer for the filename starting with QW and ending with exe:

  1. In Windows, click on Start.
  2. Click on Search box.
  3. Type qw*.exe.
  4. Run the search. It may take awhile for Windows to find the file, especially if you have a large hard drive, so be patient and let the search complete.
  5. When your Quicken install file is found, double click the file from the search results start the installation. It's also a good idea to note where the file downloaded to in case you want to change the default location for saving downloads in your browser.

If you bought Quicken from Quicken.com, your download is available for 3 years. All purchases require users to provide an email and create a username and password.

If you need to download Quicken again, and you forgot either your username or password, you can recover either of them in My Downloads