Top Tips for Finding a Recruiter

Recruiters work to find qualified candidates for employers

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Below are some top tips for finding a recruiter.

What is a Recruiter?

Recruiters, sometimes called search professionals or headhunters, work to find qualified candidates for employers and, if you're job searching, a connection with a recruiter can help you find open jobs and secure an interview with an employer.

Are you interested in working with a recruiter, but not sure how to about finding one? There are sites you can use to search for and connect with recruiters in your career field, industry and/or location.

Here's information on websites you can use to find a recruiter to help give your job search a boost.

Bullhorn Reach

Bullhorn Reach, launched in February 2011, has a recruiter search tool you can use to locate a recruiter by location or industry. There are currently thousands of recruiters listed on the site. When you find a recruiter you would like to connect with you will be able to send them a message using a contact form on the site and connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system, recruiting CRM, and social recruiting products serve more than 10,000 clients representing nearly 300,000 users across 150 countries.


Search Companies on LinkedIn using "recruiter" or "recruiting" as keywords and you will get a list of recruiting organizations. You'll be able to contact your connections at the company, follow the company for more information, and visit the company website for information on working with them.

Riley Guide Recruiter Directories

The Riley Guide was founded in 1994 by a university librarian, Margaret F. Dikel (formerly Margaret Riley). The Riley Guide has a list of free directories of recruiting firms you can use to locate a recruiter to work with. "We currently point to over 1600 helpful websites, each being personally reviewed by our editors for quality and most including a brief synopsis."

More Recruiting Directories

Here are more directories you can use to find a recruiter.

How to Choose a Recruiter

How can you choose a recruiter who will give you the most help with your job search? What should you look for when you're checking out recruiters? Here's advice on how to choose a recruiter including what you should ask the recruiter and what the recruiter will ask you. Selecting and partnering with a recruiter can become less anxiety provoking by following these suggestions. 

Questions to Ask the Recruiter

Here are some basic questions to ask the recruiter before you establish a partnership:

  • How long have you have been recruiting?
  • What is your recruiting specialty? Make sure this aligns with the type of job you are seeking.
  • Do you have client companies that are looking to hire someone with my experience and skill set? 
  • How many people with my background have you helped become hired in the last six months?

What Recruiters Want Candidates to Know

What's most important to hiring managers? What do recruiters really wish they could tell candidates for employment? Take a look at what recruiters want candidate to know before they apply for jobs.