How to File Your Virginia Income Tax Return

Filing Your Virginia State Taxes

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Forget filling out forms by hand and standing in line at the post office when it comes time to file your Virginia state taxes. You can fill out and file your tax return online, sometimes for free.  

Recent Changes 

If you and your spouse (filing jointly) made less than $66,000 in 2017, you could qualify to file your federal and state returns for free. Virginia has now joined the federal/state e-File program, offering free e-filing of both federal and state returns in some cases. Here are your options, all accessible through the Virginia Department of Taxation Website as of February 2018. All are free if you navigate to the e-File vendor through the state’s website and meet certain restrictions. You can also access the sites from the website of the Internal Revenue Service for federal returns.


  • 1040Now: You must live in Virginia to use this site, and your adjusted gross income must be $32,000 or less as of 2016. You can find your AGI on line 37 of your federal Form 1040, line 4 of Form 1040EZ or line 21 of Form 1040A. You can file up to three free tax returns per computer with this vendor. 
  • Online Taxes at You can file a Virginia state tax return for free here if your AGI is between $14,000 and $66,000.
  • TurboTax Freedom: The requirements for this site are a little more complicated. Your AGI must be $33,000 or less unless you qualify for the earned income tax credit on your federal return. You can also use TurboTax Freedom if you’re active duty military, National Guard or a reservist and your AGI is $66,000 or less.
  • H & R Block Free File: H & R Block's site has an age requirement—you must be between 17 and 50 years old. Additionally, your AGI must be $66,000 a year or less.
  • TaxACT Free File: You can file your Virginia state taxes here if your AGI is $53,000 a year or less. You must also be age 56 or younger or qualify for the earned income tax credit. You also qualify for free filing if you're on active duty with the military and have an AGI of $66,000 a year or less. 

You can still use these sites if you don’t qualify by these rules, but you won’t be able to file for free. In either case, the vendor will electronically file your tax return with the Virginia Department of Taxation on your behalf. That’s it. You don’t have to mail anything in. You’re done. You can even pay electronically if you owe the state money by direct debit or credit card, or through the Department of Taxation’s Online Services for Individuals.

Some Other Restrictions Apply

You can e-file virtually all Virginia state tax returns from these sites, including both resident and non-resident returns, but you can’t file fiduciary returns—those on behalf of a trust or estate. You can't file tax returns that include withholding reported on Form 4852, a substitute W-2 or a substitute 1099-R, and you can't file Form 763-S “Virginia Special Non-Resident Claim for Individual Income Tax Withheld.”