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How you write a letter closing is important. Your letter closing needs to leave the reader with a positive impression of both you, the writer, and the letter you have written. In closing your letter, it is important to use an appropriately respectful word or phrase.

Most formal letter closing options are reserved but note that there are degrees of warmth and familiarity amongst the options. While you'll always want to avoid using "XOXO" or "Take care" in a formal letter, there is a difference between saying "Best Regards" and "Warm Regards."

Find out some of the most common closing options available, and get help finding out which ones are appropriate in which correspondence.

Letter Closing Examples

Sincerely, Regards, Yours Truly, and Yours Sincerely - These are the simplest and most useful letter closings to use in a formal business setting.

These are appropriate in almost all instances and are excellent ways to close a cover letter or an inquiry.

Best Regards, Cordially, and Yours Respectfully - These letter closings fill the need for something slightly more personal. They are appropriate once you have some knowledge of the person to whom you are writing. You may have corresponded via email a few times, had a face-to-face or phone interview, or met at a networking event.

Warm Regards, Best Wishes, and With Appreciation - These letter closings are also appropriate once you have some knowledge or connection to the person to whom you are writing.

Because they can relate back to the content of the letter, they can give closure to the point of the letter.

More Letter Closing Examples

When you're ending your letter, be sure to choose a letter closing that it appropriate to the topic of your letter and to your personal situation and relationship with the person you are writing to.

Here are more examples to choose from.


Cordially yours,

Faithfully yours,
Fond regards,

In appreciation,
In sympathy,

Kind regards,
Kind thanks,
Kind wishes,

Many thanks,

Respectfully yours,

Sincerely yours,

Thank you,
Thank you for your assistance in this matter,
Thank you for your consideration,
Thank you for your recommendation,
Thank you for your time,

Warm regards,
Warm wishes,
With appreciation,
With deepest sympathy,
With gratitude,
With sincere thanks,
With sympathy,

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Yours cordially,
Yours faithfully,
Yours sincerely,
Yours truly,

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