How to Design a Tornado Safe Room

Tornado Design Guide Index Page

tornado safe room
Index Page. FEMA

Tornado safe rooms are the best way to be protected against tornado ripping forces. These tornado safe rooms can be build over a new house, retrofitted into an existing structure or prepare on room to act as a safe room.

FEMA has developed some design guidelines that will help you create that safe room protecting life and property under tornado conditions. These design guide must be customized and evaluated for each particular condition.

Design Guides for Small Business and Residences. These guides must be evaluated by a structural engineer and its compliance with current local construction codes.

Tornado Safe Room: Notes

tornado safe room
General Notes. FEMA

General Notes that will allow you to understand the drawings of the tornado safe room.

Tornado Safe Room: Section and Details

tornado safe room
Section and Notes. FEMA

Drawing specific details and sections that form part of the tornado safe room design guide.

Tornado Safe Room : Lean-to Safe Room Location

tornado safe room
Lean-to Safe Room Location. FEMA

Lean-to basement safe room location

Tornado Safe Room : Corner Located

tornado safe room
Corner located safe room. FEMA

Corner located tornado safe room at basement level.

Tornado Safe Room : Concrete Plan

tornado safe room
Concrete plan details. FEMA

Concrete plan details for a tornado safe room.

Tornado Safe Room : Concrete Wall Section

tornado safe room
Concrete Wall Section. FEMA

Concrete Wall Section design details on a tornado safe room.

Tornado Safe Room : Concrete Section Ceiling

tornado safe room
Concrete Section Ceiling. FEMA

Concrete section ceiling alternative option.

Tornado Safe Room : Concrete Section Ceiling Ventilation Details

tornado safe room
Concrete Section Ceiling Additional Details. FEMA

Concrete Section Ceiling Ventilation Details

Tornado Safe Room : Plywood Sheating with CMU Infill

tornado safe room
Plywood Sheating with CMU Infill. FEMA

Plywood Sheating with CMU Infill details when building a tornado safe room.

Tornado Safe Room : Plywood and Steel Sheathing

tornado safe room
Plywood and Steel Sheathing. FEMA

Plywood and Steel Sheathing design guide information.

Tornado Safe Room: Wood Foundation Section

tornado safe room
Wood foundation information. FEMA

Wood foundation section and details when building a tornado safe room.

ICF Safe Room

tornado safe room

Insulated concrete forms are one the best materials that can withstand tornado wind forces.

Tornado Safe Room : ICF Section

tornado safe room
ICF Section. FEMA

ICF sections when building a safe room using FEMA design guidelines.

Tornado Safe Room: Miscellaneous Details

tornado safe room
Details. FEMA

Miscellaneous details that form part of a tornado safe room construction.

Tornado Safe Room : Door Details

tornado safe room
Door Details. FEMA

One of the most critical and important design area of a tornado safe room.

Tornado Safe Room : Materials

tornado safe room
Material list. FEMA

Approximate quantities of material used on a safe room 8 by 8.

Tornado Safe Room : Materials Second Alternative

tornado safe room
Slab on grade materials. FEMA

Tornado safe room materials used on a slab-on-grade room.