How to Create Compelling Email Content at Will

Even if You Can't Write to Save Your Life or Have A Creative Bone in Your Body

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Guest Post by Ben Settle

If you want to know a secret “hack” for creating all the compelling email content you want, whenever you want, and as quickly as you want (even if you suck at writing now), then this article will show you how.

Check this out:

Back when I sold in the weight loss niche, I needed to write a lot of emails very quickly for the various lists we were selling to. One of my secret weapons for writing all this email content was what I call the “comment on an article” email.

How does it work?

Exactly like it sounds:

You find an article online (or offline - you could even do this with a TV show or radio show or any kind scholarly, editorial, or opinion content) and give your “take” on what it says. Then, segue into why the reader should buy your product.

Very simple.

Very quick.

And, very effective when done correctly.

Below is an example.

As you will see, you can use this method to sell products that really don’t even have all that much to do with the content you are commenting on!

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Let's look at the example email:

Subject line: How simply washing your hands causes weight gain

I don’t know how true this is…

But, I once heard an expert on the radio talk about how, during the bubonic plague in Europe, the people who got hit hardest was not necessarily the poor… but the rich who lived in cleanliness and had the time’s most modern sanitary systems.

The reason?

The poor people lived and worked in dirt, basically.

And, their immune systems were better at repelling disease as a result. While the lords and kings didn’t have as strong of immune systems to fight off things because they weren’t exposed to enough of it.

Again, is it true?

I don’t know.

But, these days we got similar problems.

Like, for example, super bugs becoming resistant to antibiotics (one doomsdayer of the sciences recently said antibiotics are now officially useless).

Even anti-bacterial soap can be a danger.


Well, according to an article by Dr. Mercola:

“Triclosan, a high production volume ingredient used as a bactericide in personal care products such as toothpaste, deodorant, and antibacterial soap, has been linked to heart disease and heart failure in a new study.”

It’s not must soap, either.

Triclosan is in toothpaste and deodorant, too.

It can also disrupt hormone function!

(Which can mess with your weight and make you fat — who would have thought washing your hands could cause weight gain??)

So check your labels!

If you see it listed, I wouldn’t buy it…

Just another reason to keep your body and health in check. To keep your weight at a healthy level. And, to live a lifestyle and have eating habits designed to keep you as healthy as possible.

One way to start is belly fat.

Belly fat is one of the worst things to have.

And, it can cause all kinds of nasty health problems.

This is why I wrote my bestselling book (TITLE OF BOOK)

You can read more about it here:


See how easy that is?

You can break this kind of “comment on an article” email down to these 3 components:

(1) Summarize

(2) Comment

(3) Pitch

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Again, you can do this with any external informational source. It doesn’t just have to be from articles. You can comment, for example, on something you watch on a TV show (sitcom, TV movie, series, news channel, documentary, anything on television). You can also comment on something you heard or learned on the radio (including advertisements). You could even do this with books, novels, magazines, or any other kind of media that is talking about something you can relate to your topic.

I once did this with the TV show “Seinfeld”.

There was an episode where George Costanza’s mother was getting martial advice from Jerry’s girlfriend Donna Chang. Because George’s mom thought Donna Chang was Chinese, she gave the advice her full attention and called off the divorce she wanted to have.

But, when she found out Donna Chang was not Chinese, she suddenly wanted the divorce again because Donna wasn’t Chinese.

How did I use that episode in an email?

By telling the story above and then talking about how, in business especially, people are the same way - they give far more attention and weight to anything that sounds exotic or different.

This is a simple and profitable way to write email content.

It’s also a fun kind of email to write and, even more important, fun for people to read (and buy from).

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