How to Create and Upload an Online Resume

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Your resume is one of the most important job search tools you have. Getting your resume ready used to be relatively simple - write it, design it, format it, print it on good quality paper, and send it off to prospective employers.

Now that most recruiting takes place online, job seekers need to be prepared to design a resume, send an email resume or as an attachment to an email, create or upload to an online resume site, upload it to a job site, and to write a resume that works for the web.

What is an Online Resume?

An online resume is a resume that is created and/or hosted on the Internet. Online resume builders provide a means to easily create a web-based version of a resume.

Online resumes are available on the web (a URL for the resume is created when the resume is created) and many online resumes can be exported to a variety of formats (Word, PDF, RTF, HTML text, ASCII, etc.) which can be emailed and printed to share with employers and networking contacts.

Here's advice on creating online resumes, storing and posting your resume online, using free online resume sites, and using an online resume to apply for jobs.

Creating an Online Resume

Some online resume sites enable you to start from scratch and create a brand new resume. Others will step you through the process of uploading a resume from your computer to the site.

Depending on the site you use, you may be able have multiple versions of your resume in a variety of formats and you may be able to share and export your resume to a different format, and use it to apply directly for jobs.

The key factor, as in all resume writing, is to have a good, solid resume that reflects your skills and experiences and markets you as the ideal candidate for the job.

The first step is to start with a well-written and well-designed resume you can edit into the various formats you'll need. Use a simple font like Arial or Times New Roman.

Avoid columns and tabs and other spacing adjustments.

Not sure what your resume should look like? Here are some samples:

Resume Samples
Review our collection of sample resumes, including chronological, functional, and mini, as well as templates for resume writing.

Uploading a Resume Online

When you apply for jobs, on some web ites, you can upload your existing resume and you can keep the fancy fonts and formatting. On these sites, follow the instructions and you will be able to upload your resume directly from your computer with a few clicks.

On other job sites you may need to copy and paste your resume into text boxes and leave the formatting to the system. Don't worry about what it looks like, because it will be consistent with the other resumes in the database.

Free Online Resume Sites

There are many free online resume sites where you can upload your resume or create a new resume. Job seekers who use Indeed Resume can create an online resume from a variety of format including Word, PDF, RTF, TXT, and HTML.

Use ResumeBucket's resume builder to create a resume, then share it online and print as PDF or Word document.

SnapPages offers a free online resume website for job seekers (the personal version is free, there's a fee for the pro and developer versions).

It's quick and easy to set up a SnapPages resume website by using the information you have posted on LinkedIn.

Using a Resume Builder

Here's information on online resume builders including sites where you can build an online resume, resume builder software, and resume wizard software that will help you create an online resume. Also, free resume builder sites, resume samples, and templates.

Many online resume builders let you create a resume from scratch online. If you use this part of the service, rather than uploading your existing resume be sure you can download a copy back to your computer. Otherwise, the only current version of your resume will be online and you'll have limited access to it if someone asks you to send a copy or if you have to apply for a job with a different version of your resume.

Storing Your Resume Online

It's a good idea to have a copy of resume that's readily accessible online so you can apply for jobs wherever you have Internet access. An alternative to an online resume sites is to use Google Docs to store your resume and cover letters.

Creative Online Resumes

Depending on your industry and the type of job you are interested in an online creative resume can be a great way to highlight your skills and experience in a manner that is more visually appealing and engaging than a one or two-page traditional resume. Here are free websites you can use to design, build, store and share a creative resume: