Conducting Surveys Research Can Be a Click and Go Experience

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Have you ever said something along these lines?

Before [I found] Survata, consumer research was five weeks of bureaucratic... [torment].  With Survata, I just build my survey, pop in my credit card, and wait for the data to roll in.

A new breed of market research providers is making surveys research efficient, effective, and economical.  Those are the three pillars that make a chief marketing officer (CMO) and a chief financial officer (CFO) smile...and sleep at night.


Tolls and Trolls

The new approaches to online surveys feature a "surveywall." Instead of requiring that consumers pay a fee with their credit card to access premium content, a surveywall asks the consumer a question or a few questions before letting them pass. 

This is reminiscent of the bridge keeping troll in the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Except for the fee charged, the survey respondents are rewarded for taking the survey by gaining access to the desired premium content. Also, the survey sponsors are charged just $1.00 for every completed domestic survey and $2.00 for every completed international survey. Some market research providers charge hidden fees for programming the survey or data delivery. Survata charges only a single dollar fee for each survey that a respondent completes.

Democratizing Surveys Research 

While SurveyMonkey may have handed over the keys to anyone with an inkling to create and send a survey, it turned amateur pollsters loose.

With Survata, the pot is further sweetened by this deal: all clients have free access to a survey analyst who will guide them in surveys research best practices and assist them to optimize their survey experience. 

The approach that Survata and other providers of brief surveys use is two-pronged. The concept is to encourage online publishers to partner with Survata to create short surveys that unlock premium content.

In this way, new survey providers are established as Survata customers. The concept introduces short surveys to new respondents who want to access premium content in the form of ebooks, articles, videos, and the like. That is to say that the two prongs of the survey deal lead to satisfied new survey providers and new survey takers who have been conditioned to charge, unimpeded, through the surveywalls.

Guided Survey Creation

Survata asks their customers to define a target audience, and then Survata locates respondents who match the target criteria. Criteria include attributes such as age, gender, geography (across 17 countries), and other custom characteristics. Survata lets customers draft six survey questions using the survey creation tool. The Survata tool accommodates closed-end and open-end types of questions, as well as multimedia. Before the survey is released online, it is reviewed by a survey analyst who makes editing suggestions that help to make the survey questions clearer. 

The survey analyst also checks the sample size against best practices recommendations that come from research. When the customer approves the final survey, Survata identifies a good fit with a partner media publisher that will host the survey on their website.

In most cases, the customer has a choice between purchasing the premium content outright or taking the brief survey to gain access to the premium content.

Trying to Game the Survey? The Troll Knows

Some users will find even a brief survey sufficiently annoying that they will try to game the survey by speeding through the answers. But the Survata surveys are built to detect this behavior through the answer patterns and speed of responding. When a survey respondent is suspected of not taking the questions seriously, the survey can let the responder know that they are answering too quickly. The trick is not to seem overly troll-ish in the process in order to keep the responder engaged with the survey, and staying to navigate and view the website.