How to Benefit From Your Internship

Finding Ways to Make the Most of Your Time


An internship may last anywhere from a month to a year but whatever its length it’s guaranteed that it won’t last forever. Some internships may be considered good while other internships are considered bad; but either way, there’s a lot that can be learned from an internship and the benefits they offer either way. The most important part of completing an internship is the fact that you can gain solid references, valuable insight, and even the possible chance of full-time employment once the internship is over.

In order to make your internship as beneficial as possible, it’s important to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Conduct Informational Interviews:

    Informational interviews are a great opportunity to learn more about a person’s career and how it has transpired. How did you get started, what do you like and dislike, what kind of skills are required to get started in the field are all questions you can ask during an informational interview. Oftentimes a job may not seem what it is and it is through the informational interview that all of the bad press begins to surface. Usually informational interviews are schedule beforehand and it was discussed early on that we had to help develop some open slots next week just prior to Career Jam.

  2. Offer Your Services:

    Once your internship is over don’t just walk away and say that it’s over. Let the employer know that you are willing to continue working on projects and that you’d be happy to provide assistance with continuing projects that are going on. Your interest in the company and the projects you are currently working on will often set you apart in the eyes of an employer.

  1. Send Thank You Notes to All Who Helped Along the Way:

    Taking the time to thank everyone who have helped along the way is something that will definitely set you apart from other candidates in the future. You may have worked with a boss who acted as a mentor or co-workers who helped along the way and the key is to recognize their contribution to your development by sending individual thank you note along the way. Being appreciative to those who have helped along the way will help you go far when seeking individuals who are willing to endorse you.

  1. Continue to Offer to Help:

    Offering to help long after the internship is over is a great way to keep your foot in the door and to continue to work directly with professionals who are working in the field with the employer. Asking an employer about potential opportunities once your internship is over can give you an opportunity to develop stronger relationships and an chance to learn new skills and knowledge in the field. You may end up even getting paid for your efforts if you can provide value to the organization long after you’ve actually completed your internship.

  2. Ask for Letters of Recommendation:

    Be sure to always ask for a letter of recommendation as you find yourself getting ready to leave your current internship. A good practice is to provide the employer with your resume and a list of your individual accomplishments to provide an easy way for them to write a detailed letter of recommendation.

  3. Continue to Network with Your Supervisors & Your Colleagues:

    Developing and maintain relationships in the workforce is a skill that is very important to develop early on in your career. Networking can be accomplished by nurturing those relationships that you develop along the way. Social networking sites make it easier than ever to keep in touch with important contacts. Even though you are about to leave your current internship or job, you never know when you will be able to benefit from those you’ve met while working in the workforce.

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