How to Avoid Nanny Scams

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Online job postings for nannies are one of the more common targets for scammers. The scammer will register as a family seeking a nanny, promising a terrific salary and great working conditions. For example, they will promise to pay $2500 a week for a part-time position.

How Nanny Scams Work

The scammer will typically hire you without interviewing you, and will send you your first payment, in the form of a fraudulent check or money order, before you even begin working for them.

After you deposit their check, they ask you to forward some of the money to a third party, or they come up with a reason that they need the money back (to pay for unexpected medical bills, a child's tuition, etc). You will ultimately have to pay your bank for the fraudulent check, and lose the money you sent back to the scammer.

Another common scam targets nannies who want to work in foreign countries, but cannot get the appropriate visa. The scammer, posing as a family, will claim that they have a lawyer who can help get a visa, but the nanny has to send them money for the lawyer. Once the nanny sends the money, he or she never hears from the family again.

Nanny Scam Warning Signs

These nanny scams are common, but it is easy to look for red flags if you remain vigilant. Be cautious of nanny jobs that seem too good to be true - ones that offer an amazing salary for minimal work. Also, beware of families that hire you without interviewing you.

After all, would a real family let someone take care of their children without looking into his or her background?

The most important rule to remember is never, ever send or receive money from a family you have not met. No family would actually pay you money up front, and no family should ask you for money either.

Note that these scams can also work the other way around. Some scammers claim they are nannies that live out of the country and need money to apply for a visa, or need their first payment early. Families that are hiring a nanny should never pay the nanny before thoroughly checking into his or her background and, ideally, meeting him in person.

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