How to Ask for Time Off at a New Job

Tips for Asking for Time Off When You've Just Started a Job

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Asking for time off when you've recently started a new job can be a tricky task, because you can send the wrong message to your management if your request isn't tactful. However, if your request for time off is well thought out, you can soften the negative impact.  

How to Ask for Time Off at a New Job

If you know you need time off for a vacation or another commitment before starting your work with a new employer, you should broach the topic before you start the job.

The best time to mention it is after you have been offered the job, but before you accept it. With this scenario, an employer will generally be more understanding about your absence. 

If a need for time off arises after you have started a new job, then your task might be more of a challenge.  Family emergencies, deaths and health crises will be more acceptable to an employer than vacations and other seemingly avoidable personal reasons. 

You should share enough detail to convince an employer that your reason for taking time off is legitimate. Whenever possible, provide documentation such as funeral announcements  and doctor's notes, whether or not you're asked for them.

Plan How Your Work Will be Covered

When you request your time off, take the initiative to present a plan for how your responsibilities will be covered - don't assume that your manager will figure it out for you. If possible, include a pledge to work extra hours before and after your planned absence so you can complete tasks.

If you have developed a close relationship with a trusted colleague, you might ask if they would be willing to cover part of your job while you are gone.

Or, if you have the flexibility to work remotely at least part of the time you can mention that as well.

Report that information to your supervisor when you make your request.

Overall, you just want your employer to be sure that your work will be taken care of even when you're away.

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