How to Answers Questions About Succeeding in a Job

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Recruiters will find many different ways to appraise your qualifications for a job, and one way they might go about this is by asking you about what strengths you have that will help you most succeed in the job.

How to Answers Questions About Succeeding in a Job

Most interviewers will probe your core strengths to determine how you might make the greatest impact if hired. Be prepared to share the qualifications you have that will enable you to do well if you are hired.

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The best way to prepare to respond is to start with a careful examination of the key qualifications that your employer is seeking.  Look for an essential qualification that corresponds well with one of your most prominent assets.

Then, think of a situation where you applied that strength to the advantage of your employer and be ready to share any positive results that you generated.  If possible, prepare two or three stories of how you have added value in different contexts by tapping that strength.

Interviewers will often follow up with a question about another strength or two that has led to your success on the job. So, be prepared to discuss several strengths that would be highly applicable to the job at hand.

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