How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively

Facebook advertising effectively
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Facebook's growth as a mature business and technological giant since 2004 is best exemplified by how its advertising capability has grown in recent years. 

Hardly existent before 2010, its quarterly ad revenue now exceeds $4 billion USD, with most of it derived from mobile users (1.3 billion mobile users; close to 850 million active daily users). It appears that more and more businesses are tapping into Facebook ads to boost traffic.

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What does this mean for start-up online entrepreneurs and businesses in general? On the surface, it shows that they should at the very least look into Facebook advertising to see what it's about.

Let's look at the five most popular types of ads you can do on Facebook to reach more people and grow your audience online.

1. Facebook Page 'Like' Ads

If your main goal is to increase your Facebook 'Likes', this is the ad for you. Page 'Like' ads can be viewed from mobile, newsfeed and right column views, and have a simple call-to-action (CTA):

The ubiquitous 'Like' button that invites viewers to like your company!

Choosing the best image for a Like ad is critical, because you are focused on getting a targeted audience that will respond to future feeds – not random or cheap Likes.

2. Facebook Domain Ads

If you want to drive visitors to your landing page to buy your products, sign up for your email list, or improve your lead generation results, consider domain ads.

On Facebook you will find them on the right column of your page, often as sponsored ads.

Domain ads are the simplest to set up, but as of this writing are not supported on the mobile platform. Similar to Google Adwords, you choose a title, short description, and the URL to be displayed in front of prospects.

You will have to monitor the click thru rate (CTR) to properly judge your domain ads' effectively.

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3. Facebook Newsfeed Ads

The newsfeed ad, a.k.a. Page Post links, are the most common type of Facebook ad and can be viewed on mobile devices, right columns as well as the standard news feed.

These ads are effective for promoting your external website, in part because they may highlight images that serve to attract users' attention, even those who are occupied with another Facebook activity. Use both text and link descriptions of your offer in order to completely explain your unique selling points.

Newsfeed ads are strong performers that deliver results. They are also a great way to accumulate 'Likes' for your company page. Don't forget that visitors and prospects can leave comments within your ads. So, reply promptly to demonstrate real engagement and interest in their feedback.

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4. Facebook Multiproduct Ads

In 2014, Facebook introduced an enhanced variation of the Newsfeed ad that permits e-commerce based websites and others with many products to present them in a tight, organized manner.

Multiproduct ads – available for both desktop and mobile viewing – allow entrepreneurs to show up to three links on a constant sliding basis. Missed something you liked the first time around? The viewer merely has to wait a few seconds for the next pass to get another view.

Each ad has its own image, title, description and link. Making your ability to drive traffic from Facebook that much more effective.

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5. Page Post Videos

A new concept in Facebook advertising that brings the power of video marketing to your fingertips.

On the surface, it favors larger companies that can devote money and resources to a dedicated video production budget. However, as the cost of video creation and editing continues to decrease, smaller more agile companies can use their social media savvy to attract large, receptive audiences as well!

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Final Thoughts on Effective Facebook Advertising

Before diving into Facebook advertising, take some time to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Their offerings have evolved and continue to evolve over the years, so choose the most appropriate type for your needs and objectives.

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