How the Sweepstakes Forum Can Make You a More Effective Sweeper

Top 8 Reasons to Visit the Sweepstakes Forum

Being a member of a sweepstakes forum can help you win more prizes. How? Here are some of the top reasons why being a forum member will make you a more effective sweeper.

Find Answers to Your Sweepstakes Questions

You can find answers to common sweepstakes questions throughout the Contests site. But if you have a question or a comment about specific sweepstakes, want to ask other sweepers for their opinions, or have a question that wasn't answered yet, the Sweepstakes Forum is the place to go. It's full of experienced sweepers who are happy to answer questions and give opinions.

Brag About Your Wins (and Get Motivated by Others' Wins)

One of my tips on how to beat sweepstakes burnout is to be motivated by other sweepers' wins. If people just like you can win sweepstakes, you can too.

The Sweepstakes Forum's winner's section is constantly updated with news of recent wins. If you're feeling unmotivated or wondering whether anyone ever wins from a specific company, browse through these posts. And nothing feels better than sharing the news of your own wins there, and getting kudos and congratulations from other sweepers.

Get Technical Help Entering Sweepstakes

Have you ever run into sweepstakes that you'd love to enter, but just couldn't get to work? I think if you haven't, you either have an enviable level of tech savvy, or you've been very lucky.

When you run into tech problems with sweepstakes, I suggest you follow these three steps:

  • Read 10 Steps to Make Sweepstakes Work
  • Read How to Make Flash Sweepstakes Work Properly
  • Visit the Problem Sweepstakes Section on the Forum

The Sweepstakes Forum is the place to ask for help when you have problems with specific sweepstakes. You can check if someone else has already reported the problem, and if not, post what you tried to do and what didn't work. You can find out if it's your system or if other sweepers are having the same problem, and whether anyone has already discovered a solution.

Find More Sweepstakes to Enter

There are many more sweepstakes available than I can list on the Contests site. But if you're looking for even more sweepstakes to enter, the Sweepstakes Forum is the place to go.

The Sweepstakes Forum lets everyone post news about contests and sweepstakes that they've found, meaning that there's a much wider selection.

The more sweepstakes you enter, the better your odds of winning. So if you have more time to enter sweepstakes, be sure to visit the listing in the Sweepstakes Forum.

List of Facebook Sweepstakes and Twitter Sweepstakes

More and more companies are running contests and sweepstakes on Twitter and Facebook. Some of these sweepstakes have huge prizes and fantastic odds.

But where can you find Twitter and Facebook sweepstakes? The Sweepstakes Forum, of course. And be sure to post any Twitter and Facebook you hear about as well.

Enter More Sweepstakes with Free UPC Codes and Trivia Answers

Many sweepstakes today ask for codes or UPCs before you can enter, or ask you to have the correct answers to trivia questions to get your entries

If you don't know the answers or have the codes handy, the first place to go is's Sweepstakes Forum, where many helpful sweepers share tips. And be sure to pay it forward by sharing your own codes and trivia answers.

Get More Votes for Your Contest Entries

Many creative contests use votes to help decide who's going to win. If you're looking for a way to drum up more votes for your contest entries, visit the Sweepstakes Forum.

Helping other sweepers is a great feeling, too. Even if you're not in a contest right now, voting for your fellow Sweepstakes readers, you can have a lot of fun by viewing the entries and helping others win.

Have Fun with People Who Share Your Love for Sweepstakes

One of my favorite things about the hobby of entering sweepstakes is how quickly you can form a feeling of community with your fellow sweepers.'s Sweepstakes Forum is a fun place to chat with like-minded people who share your joys and tribulations.