How The iPoll App Can Generate Serious Income for You

If You Have a Few Extra Minutes, You Can Generate Cash

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Ever wish you could earn a few extra bucks while you shop at the store, buy coffee, or watch a movie? Grocery shopping is, after all, work, and it can't hurt to capture some cash while you roam the aisles. Check out the iPoll app, which is free for Apple and Android, and pays you actual cash for completing surveys.

How It Works

Once you download the app and sign up for an iPoll account, you'll give the app specific information about yourself.

This will qualify you for certain surveys, which can pay anywhere from ten cents to over $30.00 per qualifying survey.

The most lucrative polls require you to be in a specific location when taking the survey, which the app checks before crediting you with the money. For example, a survey that requires you to be in the cereal aisle at Target could net you $15.00. A movie viewers' survey that pays $5.00 requires you to be physically inside a theater. Therefore, it is essential that you turn on the location services feature of your phone if you want to qualify for the maximum number of surveys.

What You Have to Do to Earn

The most lucrative surveys require the most legwork, but no polls are actually difficult. For instance, a grocery poll that pays $10.00 may require you to take photographs of a healthy snack food to confirm where it was placed in the snack aisle at your supermarket. In addition, you may need to answer several questions about the placement on the shelves of the snack food and how appealing it seemed.

This is not a lot of work for $10, especially if you're already in the store for a weekly shopping trip.

What's appealing about this app is that it typically tells you up-front how long a poll will take you to complete, so if you don't have 15 extra minutes, you'll know not to start a survey that takes that long.

In addition, when you get an offer for a new poll, the app will give you a notification, and when you tap on the app, the details of that survey will be shown, including when the offer expires, what it entails, and how much it pays. The app also sends you notifications if you happen to be near a location with a participating survey. This is nice to know when you're shopping.

How to Cash In

To receive your payment for surveys you've completed, you have to visit the iPoll website to see your options based on your balance. The PayPal transfer option is only available if you have least a $50.00 balance. At lower levels, the rewards vary from shoe store gift certificates to magazine subscriptions, and on the higher end, you can also get an Amazon or Visa gift card.