7 Ways Tenants Can Keep Pests Out

Tips for Preventing Pests in an Apartment

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Ways Tenants Can Keep Pests Out. Mike Kemp/Getty Images

Tenants want to keep pests out of their apartment. However, they often believe that their landlords are solely responsible for pest control. Tenants must realize that the way they keep their apartment plays a huge role in attracting these critters, so there are things they can do to decrease the chances of pests entering. Here are seven proactive ways tenants can help prevent pests in their property.

1. Store Food Properly

Vermin need to eat to survive, so naturally, they will be attracted to food. You should let tenants  know that they should not leave food out or keep opened boxes or bags of food around. Items that do not belong in the refrigerator should preferably be stored in airtight containers to mask any smells that could attract the pests. If the tenant has a dog or cat, they should even consider buying a storage container for the pet food instead of having an opened bag of food around.

2. Keep the Apartment Clean

Another step tenants can take to avoid pest problems is to keep their kitchen and entire apartment clean. They should not leave dishes out overnight that have scraps from last night’s dinner on them.

Wiping down the stove after cooking a meal is also important, as the grease can attract unwanted creatures. Wiping down counters, sweeping up crumbs and vacuuming on a regular schedule are also good habits to adopt.

The cleaner the apartment is, the less likely the tenant is to have problems with pests.

3. Dispose of Trash Properly

To dispose of trash properly, tenants should have a garbage can in their unit that has a lid on it. When the trash can is full, the tenant should tie the bag up and bring it down to the trash receptacles that have been designated for the property.

The tenants must make sure that they place their bag inside the bin and place the lid securely on top.

4. Declutter

Another measure tenants can take is to keep pests away is to declutter their home. The more clutter they have in the space, the more hiding spots there are for insects and rodents.

Tenants should avoid stacking piles of clothes or papers in corners. Moving objects around or pulling furniture away from walls to vacuum on a regular basis can help prevent pests from finding a comfortable spot to call home.

5. Open Packages Outdoors

Another way pests can enter a property is through package deliveries. If you think about it, these boxes are stored in warehouses where mice and insects could be running rampant. You are then bringing this filthy box directly into your home.

Tenants may be unaware of this risk, so it is a good idea to give them this point of caution. It is a good idea to open delivery packages outdoors, dispose of the box and packaging materials in the proper receptacle and then bring the contents of the package into your home.

6. Be Cautious in Hotels and Public Spaces

Bed bugs are a pest that can easily be brought back into one’s home in the course of everyday activities, such as going to the movies or traveling on the bus.

Since they are so small, they often go unnoticed. Tenants should:

  • Inspect the seat before they sit down in any public place, such as a movie theater.
  • Avoid putting personal items on the floor.
  • Avoid storing their luggage near the bed in a hotel room.
  • Generally make it a habit of brushing themselves off before entering the property when they have spent time in a public area.

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7. Contact the Landlord if There Is a Problem

Tenants should also be aware that they should contact you immediately if they notice a problem. They should alert you if:

  • They see any type of pest, they should alert you immediately.
  • If they notice any holes or cracks.
  • If they see standing water or have leaky faucets.
  • If they notice garbage that is not being disposed of properly.
  • If another tenant at the property has not been keeping up with standards of cleanliness because these issues can all contribute to a pest problem.

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