7 Ways Social Media is Rocking the Employee Benefits Industry

How Benefits Administrators are Transforming Communication with Social Networks

Social Media Benefits. Vasilev_Ki / Depositphotos.com

Social media has really taken the HR and Employee Benefits industries by storm over the last five years. Whether this has to do with recruiting new talent, interacting with employees or connecting with leaders in the industry, all of it has helped increased the use of social networking and benefits communications. Learn how social media is rocking the employee benefits world.

#1 - Easier Recruiting Process

Ever since social media exploded onto the scene, the human resource and benefits industry has learned how to use it to their advantage.

The biggest impact is felt within the recruiting process. HR managers can interact with candidates on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. They can check their profiles to see if they fit the company’s culture and they can post engaging content to these sites that could entice candidates to apply for jobs. They can also educate candidates and new hires about the wellness initiatives of the company, including the wide range of benefits offered.

#2 - Monitor Activities of Employees

HR departments have begun to use social media to monitor the activities of their employees. This is done to make sure employees are not posting to their personal accounts during work hours, which could be a violation of company policy. But when it comes to benefits administration, employers are also turning to social networks to encourage employees to enroll in and participate in health care plans.

#3 - Reinforce the Company Brand

The company’s brand is very important to success, which is why many HR departments use social media to reinforce their company’s brand.

Customers complaints and other issues can be handled swiftly using social media. This includes access to knowledgeable employee benefits specialists who can deal with claims questions and promote corporate wellness in real time.

#4 - Employee Benefits Communication

Social media has made it easier than ever to communicate with employees about benefits and other policies.

Getting the word out on a major announcement, that the office will be closed or to simply interact in front of the public are all easier now with social media. Some companies use Google Hangouts to discuss items internally as well.

#5 - Interact with the Public

Some companies love social media so much that they have an account or profile on every single popular medium available. This includes Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and many more outside of just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Interacting with the public is crucial to the success of a company and it can be done effectively using social media.

#6 - Training Employees

No longer do you have to travel to multiple sites owned by the company to train employees with the advent of social media. You can create a training video or slideshow and post it to the company’s internal YouTube page for all employees to access. Benefits education and training can extend to the families of employees using these mediums.

#7 - Attending Conferences

HR and employee benefit professionals love to attend conferences across the country, but sometimes the dates just don’t match their schedules. If this is the case, professionals can still get everything out of a conference by watching it live on YouTube or streamed over another social media site.

This helps administrators to stay abreast of important health reform updates and HR laws.

As you can see, social media has become a go-to tool for HR and Employee Benefit professionals since it exploded onto the scene. Does your company use social media effectively for employee benefits?