How Much Your Location Can Affect Those Dreaded Taxes

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That's how much more you could pay in taxes over your lifetime, depending on where you live, according to a recent analysis.

A state-by-state analysis of taxes on income, spending, property and cars estimates New Jersey residents pay an average of $931,698 in taxes throughout their lives—the most in the nation—while West Virginians pay an average of $321,023, the least. Self Financial, a fintech provider of loans and credit cards, conducted the study using 2019 spending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a variety of state-specific tax rates from sources including the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit researcher.

New Jersey’s average tax payment is also the biggest as a share of estimated lifetime earnings: roughly 50%, Self found when using average salaries for each state. The best state, by that measure, is Alabama, where you'll pay just under 25% of your earnings in taxes. (The calculations include both federal and state income taxes paid, though states like Florida do not collect income taxes.)

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