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When you're writing a resume and you have extensive work experience, you don't need to list your entire work history on your resume. It's acceptable to include 10 - 15 years of experience. In addition, it's not necessary to include specific dates that you worked at each job, listing just the years for each company is a common practice.

When you have many years of experience, listing it all can flag you as an older job seeker to employers.

In addition, listing twenty or thirty years of experience clutters up your resume and can make it much too long. However, when leaving off employment information you need to be consistent and still provide a timeline of your work history to employers. Leave off your oldest jobs when editing your resume, not random positions.

How to List Dates on Resume

Specific dates of employment (month/year) don't need to be included on a resume. Just the years you worked at each position can be included:

Editorial Assistant, 2012 - 2015
ABC Communications, New York, New York

College Graduation Date on Resume

There is no need to include your college graduation date unless you're a recent college graduate. Here's an example of college listed on a resume without dates:

Bachelor of Arts in English
University of New York

Here's an example of a college graduation date listed on a resume:

Bachelor of Arts in English, 2015
University of New York

Additional Dates on Resume

If you've taken professional development courses or other educational classes, it's not necessary to list dates. If you have certifications, you should list the dates because employers will want to know that your accreditations are current.

When leaving experience and dates off a resume, do it strategically.

A resume, for example, with only a few jobs when you're an experienced candidate or a resume with no dates at all can be a red flag for hiring managers. Be sure your resume provides a clear synopsis of your work history to employers.

If the positions you held earlier in your career are relevant to your current objectives, consider shortening the descriptions of your jobs to reduce the length of your resume rather than deleting the positions from your resume.

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