How Long Does a Waiver Take to Get Approved?

There is simply no way to guess how long it will take a waiver request to make it through the approval process. Different waivers have different levels of review and approval. For example, a waiver for too many traffic tickets may be approved (depending on the service) by the commander of the recruiting squadron.

However, a waiver for more serious offenses may have to go all the way up the chain to the "big chief" of recruiting for the entire service.

A medical waiver usually must go all the way up to the service's Surgeon General's Office. A couple of things to remember:

(1) The folks who review/approve the waivers have other duties to perform, as well. Your waiver may not be priority, when it comes to these other duties.

(2) You're not the only child on the playground when it comes to waivers. Hundreds of other waivers are going through the process, as well, and each and every one of them must be evaluated individually.

    Remember, if you require a waiver, that means that you are disqualified for military service. The waiver procedure is the process of you "begging" the military to make an exception in your particular case.