How Great Monthly Giving Pages Compel Donors to Give

Do you have a special page dedicated to monthly giving on your website? If not, consider creating one. Since monthly giving has one of the biggest payoffs for charities, a page just for this program seems like a no-brainer.

Audubon Society

Monthly giving page for the Audubon Society
Monthly giving doesn't get more dramatic than this appeal from the Audubon Society. Gorgeous image plus concise message makes for a winner. Screenshot by Joannd Fritz

Here are several monthly giving pages that stand out, starting with this beauty from the Audubon Society. The image says it all so the words can be short. The visual impact of this page will likely send any bird lover over the moon. 

Feeding America

Monthly giving page from Feeding America.
Got impact? Show it off on your monthly giving page. Feeding America provides a great example. Screenshot by Joanne Fritz

An infographic showing the impact of your donor's gift can work wonders for a monthly giving page.

Take note of how Feeding America does it. You don't need a huge infographic with dozens of data points. This one is simple but carries a punch. Really, 11 meals for $1? That's a powerful statistic.

Feeding America makes its monthly giving pitch around the effectiveness of giving this way and how easy it is. Not only does each dollar buy a lot, but by giving automatically and monthly, the nonprofit saves on administrative costs too.

Note the simplicity of the donation form. There is nothing to overcome here. The donor has a simple task.

Save the Chimps

Monthly giving page from Save the Chimps
Save the Chimps is known for making donors love each chimp individually. Its monthly giving page follows that tradition. Screenshop by Joanne Fritz

Did you know that donors are attracted to one person or animal at a time? It's true, proven by behavioural science experiments. Save the Chimps knows that fact well and always, in its appeals, focuses on one chimp with a name and a history.

This organization knows how to tell the stories of its chimps. And when you give monthly, you find out each chimp's name, the backstory of how he or she was rescued from horrible conditions, and a description of what her life is like now. You get to know his friends, his habits, what he likes to eat and do. It's no wonder donors are so entranced.

Best Friends Animal Society

Monthly giving page for Best Friends Animal Society
Best Friends uses almost all the best monthly giving practices with this page. Screenshot by Joanne Fritz

We do know how to market monthly giving now. Best practices have come together as charities have experimented over the last several years. Best Friends Animal Society is one of the savviest fundraising champions around. Here, they have named their monthly giving (Guardian Angels) so donors feel like they belong to a group. 

Best Friends also explains exactly how each donation level helps ($10 helps welcome two new animals with soft beds, dinner and treats). Top all of this off with a photo of one cute cat, and you have an almost perfect allure for any animal lover. 

American Red Cross

Can you identify what the American Red Cross is selling on its monthly giving page?. Screenshot by Joanne Fritz

Any donor who lands on this beautiful monthly giving page from the American Red Cross will likely not even care about how much he or she is giving. That's because of two things: the joy on that child's face and the fact that the donor is going to be a "champion" through his donation. The Red Cross is selling joy with this appeal. 

This monthly giving page shows just how important the headline and image are for donors. The headline asks the donor to be the best he can be...a champion. The picture of the little girl with her cuddly animals and big smile say it all about what a little kindness can do in tough situations.

Notice how the child is slightly off center with the eyes of the other people on her. Even though there are three people in this image, the child is the star. With a little practice, your organization can capture powerful images like this too.


Monthly giving page for SmileTrain
SmileTrain knows the power of an image, even a difficult one. Screenshot by Joanne Fritz

How can we understand the devastation of a cleft? Only with a nakedly honest image. This one on SmileTrain's monthly giving page is hard to look at, but it grabs us by the throat as we reach for our credit card.

There is much more on this page, though. The after photo of a healed child and its mother gives us relief. That's what our donation will accomplish. 

Notice that monthly donors become "frequent smilers."  That's a wonderful touch!

God's Love We Deliver

Monthly giving age for God's Love We Deliver
God's Love We Deliver has a simple but powerful monthly giving page. Screenshot by Joanne Fritz

Your monthly giving page need not be elaborate. Just take a look at this one from God's Love We Deliver.

It is simple but powerful. The page uses some statistics, such as "30 years anniversary" and "cooking and delivering over 5,000 meals each weekday." But the clincher is this sentence: "Just think! For $10 a month you help deliver hope and love, all wrapped up in a nutritious meal."

Notice too how each donation level is explained in terms of the number of meals provided. The donor knows exactly what the outcome will be.


Monthly Giving Page at DonorsChoose
DonorsChoose knows that just picking a project to sponsor can be hard. Monthly giving is the answer. Screenshot by Joanne Fritz

Potential donors to DonorsChoose can be daunted by the number of projects they can help. It's like drooling over a beautiful catalog full of kids and promise. But what if donors get decision fatigue!

The answer is this monthly giving page where donors can give a set amount each month. If they don't choose a project, one is picked for them. Voila! Problem solved. 

Since convenience is one hallmark of monthly giving, DonorsChoose "chooses" to make that the star of this appeal.