How Do You Plan on Conquering Your Weaknesses?

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When you are applying for an entry-level job, the follow-up question to "What is your greatness weakness?" is nearly always related to how you intend to prevail over that weakness. These interview questions are very common because they show the interviewer you have reflected on your own strengths and weaknesses and are able to work through potential problems and find a solution. A solutions-focused employee is often a more effective employee, both in terms of their workload and their ability to work with others.

It's important to spend some time reflecting on what your weaknesses might be to frame your initial answer about your weakness so that you are able to showcase your plan to conquer it.


How to Answer as a College Student/Recent Graduate​​

This is an answer which would be a good fit for a college senior who is searching for and applying to their first job as it utilizes your college experience to answer the question. Be sure to adjust this to convey your own experiences and background.

One of my greatest strengths—and a weakness—is my passion for what I am doing. For example, while in college, I had a variety of courses at the same time and had more of an interest in one than the other. I sometimes caught myself paying more attention to one over the other, which was apparent in the end results of my work and the grades I would get.

While it is great that I am so zealous about particular projects, I need to learn how to find the interesting parts of projects that are not as immediately appealing to me.

If employed, I will combat this by realizing that all of my assignments, regardless how of initially interesting I may find them, are all part of a larger goal.

All of them will help me grow professionally and contribute to the progress of a particular project and the company. Keeping this in mind, I will be able to turn this weakness into a positive.

How to Answer If You Have Work Experience

Another answer which would be a better fit for someone with some work experience that you can tweak to match your own personal experiences and background:

One of my greatest strengths—and a weakness—is my desire to do the best possible work on everything. While that can initially seem like a positive, my desire for perfection has led to nearly missing deadlines for papers in college and to taking on more responsibility for a project than I can realistically complete by myself in the allotted time frame.

If employed, I will combat this by collaborating with other teammates and recognizing when their experience and skills will enable them to do better and/or faster work and lending my own unique skills and talents in the best way possible to the project.  

In learning from my colleagues and contributing where I am best able to be of value, I will turn this weakness into a positive. 

Whether you are applying for an entry-level position or a senior one, these questions are likely to come up. When you are speaking of conquering your weakness, acknowledge what that weakness is. Identify the realistic steps you are going to take in order to overcome that weakness and explain how, by taking those steps, you can become an even better employee and colleague. In demonstrating your awareness of your weakness and by having an actionable plan to overcome it, you show the interviewer that you are both self-aware and working on improving yourself.