How Do You Link to a Tweet on Twitter?

Want to Share a Tweet by Email, Facebook, etc? Here's How to Find the Link

Time stamp showing how you link to a Tweet on Twitter.
Where to find the time stamp on a Twitter Tweet. Screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf, used with permission.

How to Find the Link to a Tweet on Twitter

Do you ever wish you could point a friend to a Tweet on Twitter by sharing a link to the post by email or social media? 

Or maybe you're trying to enter a Twitter sweepstakes where you need to Tweet a message and then send the sponsor a link to your Twitter post as proof, but can't find the link to copy?

Where to find a link to use to share a specific Tweet isn't obvious.

If you visit Twitter, you'll see a stream of Tweets. You can't right-click on them to copy the URL, as you can with a blog post title, and you can't pull the URL for a specific Tweet from your browser's address bar.

But luckily, finding the link for a Tweet you want to share is not difficult. Here are two ways to do it:

How to Link to a Tweet on Twitter -- Method One:

Many people don't realize that the time stamp of each Tweet contains its link. Here's how to share a Tweet using its time stamp:

  1. Go to the poster's Twitter page. Visit and navigate to the page of the person who made the post (or go directly to their Tweets by visiting Once you're there, scroll down your list of Tweets until you see the one that you need to link to. If it's an older Tweet, you may need to click the "More" button at the bottom of the page until you find the Tweet you need.

  1. Click on the Time Stamp. Underneath each Tweet, you'll see the time that it was posted. This might be something like "2 seconds ago" or it might be an exact time like "6:24 AM Feb 8th." Either way, click on the time. This will cause the Tweet to open in its own page.

  2. Copy the Tweet's Link from Your Browser's Address Bar. Now that the Tweet is on its own page, you can just copy the link from the address bar of your web browser. For example, the link to the Tweet in the illustration is

    Now you have the address you need to link to your Tweet.

    You can also take a shortcut by right-clicking on the time stamp and clicking "Copy Link Location" (or the equivalent in your browser). This will give you the Tweet's direct link without having to open it in its own window.

    How to Link to a Tweet on Twitter -- Method Two:

    Here's another quick way to find a Tweet's link.

    1. Navigate to the Tweet. Use the methods described above to navigate to the Tweet you want to share.
    2. Look for the 3 Dots. At the bottom of each Tweet, Twitter displays a symbol that shows three dots or elipses (...) for more options. Click on that symbol.
    3. Click on the "Copy Link to Tweet" Option. Once you select the option to copy the link to the tweet, the URL will automatically be placed in your computer's clipboard. You can then simply paste the URL to share it.

    Note that if you use a client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, you may have additional options to find and copy the llinks to Tweets.

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