How Do I Find Out if I Have Car Insurance?

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Situations can arise where you may not know if you have car insurance at a given time. Maybe, you do not even know what insurance carrier you might be insured with. It is important to know if you have a current car insurance policy even if you do not have a claim. It can mean better rates for you when purchasing another policy, plus it is needed to drive legally in the US. Most every state requires proof of current insurance to renew your license plate. So, how do you go about determining whether or not you are insured if you are completely unaware of possible coverage?

Look in Your Glove Box

Start by searching your car. In the visor, the center council, and the glove box are the most common places to store insurance information. Maybe you can locate a prior or possibly even current proof of insurance in the car. Getting your hands on this document will be the fastest way to know if you have car insurance. It should not only give you the insurance carrier’s name but also the name of the insurance agency in which services the policy. Call the insurance carrier or agency to determine if the policy is up to date.

Get a New Insurance Quote

You might be wondering how getting an insurance quote will help you find out if you have car insurance now. Well, most insurance agents run a report called a CLUE report which usually tells them your current insurance carrier. It can also tell if a policy has lapsed. Not all insurance carriers show up in a CLUE report, so this is not 100 percent accurate.

Tell the agent running your car insurance quote the situation. Let them know you might have an insurance policy in effect but need help verifying it. If the agent can tell you what insurance carrier you have a policy with, call the carrier and request a copy of your declarations page and proof of insurance. Get coverage information over the phone, so you know what is on the policy and get the declaration page so that you will have it for future reference.

Check With the Secretary of State Office

Many Secretary of State Offices track your car insurance coverage. Some states like Texas are even advanced enough to know if your policy is up to date. Call or go to your local Secretary of State Office and inquire about your car insurance. It does not hurt to ask. It can save you time looking through piles of paperwork trying to find some car insurance information.

Do not be embarrassed if you do not know if you have car insurance. It is not as uncommon as you might think. Youthful drivers might not be getting along with their parents and be left in the dark about car insurance matters. Divorce or a loved one passing away can also leave people in the situation of not knowing about a lot of family financial matters. Do a little digging to find out if you have a current car insurance policy. If a policy is not in place, look into getting car insurance quotes immediately if you are driving.