How Do I Find My Quicken Version?

Know the Software Year and Version Number for Support and Updates

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If you come across a problem while using Quicken personal finance software, you will need to know the year of your software, as well as its version number, to go through the troubleshooting process. Becoming familiar with this information will also help you ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date version of the software.

Here's how to determine exactly what version of Quicken you're running, along with some details on what that means, and how to update it.

Finding Your Quicken Version Number

To find the version of the Quicken software you're running on your computer:

  1. Open Quicken.
  2. Click Help in the menu.
  3. Click About Quicken in the Help menu. This will open a dialog box with information about your version and release number of Quicken. 

At the top of the dialog box, you will see the year of your Quicken software edition (for example, "Quicken 2017").

Below this, you will find the version number, which is also called the release number (this will be important to know when you're updating your software). The version number is displayed as a series of numbers separated by periods. For example, you might see "Version 3.0.5" listed. 

What Quicken Version Numbers Mean

Version numbers track software updates and upgrades, which are two different things (click on the following link to learn more about the differences between software updates and upgrades). With each update or upgrade to the software, these numbers will tick up like a counter.

Each number listed in the version represents an improvement made to the software. The number in the far-right position—the "5" in the "Version 3.0.5" example above—represents small updates that have been made to the software. These updates are usually free and they usually fix software bugs or improve security. 

The number in the far-left position—the "3" in the "Version 3.0.5" example—represents large upgrades and changes that have been made to the software. Since these upgrades often include new features, you can expect to face an additional fee when trying to download and install an upgrade like this. 

The number in the middle position is generally an update that is significant, but not significant enough to warrant a full upgrade. These may require a fee to download and install, but they're often free.

How to Update Quicken to the Latest Version

There are two ways to update your Quicken software. You can have Quicken locate, download and install the latest update using the One Step Update process. Quicken may automatically perform this check when you start up the software, and if a new version is available, it'll prompt you to update.

You can also update Quicken manually. This involves going to the Quicken website and downloading the version update you want to install. You might do this if the One Step Update process is not working, or if you want to update to a specific version of Quicken, but not necessarily the latest (some users find that they prefer older layouts or features that get phased out in newer versions). You will find a detailed list of past versions of Quicken on the website, along with release notes on each that detail the changes made in that version. However, keep in mind that older versions may contain security vulnerabilities. Also, if you ever encounter a glitch and need to call customer support, they'll most likely start by asking you to update your software to the latest version.

To find and download Quicken updates and releases:

  1. Go to the Quicken Update Index web page.
  2. Under your computer's operating system (usually either Windows or Mac), click on the link of your Quicken version year (for example Quicken 2017). If you do not see the year of your Quicken software listed, this means you have an older version that is no longer supported. In this case, you will need to purchase an upgrade for your Quicken software.
  3. Once you select the correct year, click on "Manual Update" for a link to the downloadable update, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.