How Do I Find Jobs in My Area?

Strategies for Finding a Job Close to Home

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Finding a job close to home and in your area takes an array of strategies, from utilizing job search sites that focus on local jobs in your hometown, to researching local community boards, visiting career fairs in your city, and checking out your local alumni association or their website.

Resources for Finding Jobs at Companies in Your Area

Getting started on a local job search can be as easy as starting with online job boards.

Here are a few resources to consider.

Job Search Engines
While job search engine sites will list jobs available nearly everywhere, you can do a search for jobs just for your local area. Try using your favorite online job board's "Advanced Search" function to specify the zip code and mile radius you're willing to consider.

There are websites that specifically target the local jobs market. Check these job boards for jobs in your area and search the state sites by keyword and city to find jobs in your area.

Local Job Search Sites 
The local job sites, like Craigslist, Geebo, and Jobing, focus on jobs listed for specific geographic locations. Check them to find listings that may not be posted on national job boards.

LinkUp searches for jobs that are posted on company websites. Use the Advanced Search Option to find jobs within a radius of a city.

Niche Job Sites
The niche job sites contain job listings for a specific career field or industry.

Use them to find jobs in your area in your field(s) of interest.

Try Local Community Boards and Other Resources

If isn't available yet in your neighborhood, it's likely coming soon. The site has more than 44,000 neighborhoods online, allowing this virtual community board of neighbors to communicate with others in their vicinity.

While it’s primary goal is sharing useful information like “Can you recommend a good locksmith?” you'll also find local residents looking for employees for their businesses.

A word of mouth referral is the best way to find work, and there's a greater degree of trust when a neighbor refers you rather than a total stranger. The site doesn't yet have a section for job seekers, but you can review comments from your neighbors to see if anyone is posting a hiring opportunity.

State Employment Resources
Access state job banks, phone and web directories, and other resources for job seekers. Find local One-Stop Career Centers, Senior Centers, and Job Corp Centers.

Career Fairs
Check out career fairs in your local area--a great way to do one-stop career shopping at a single event with this comprehensive listing site posting job fairs throughout the United States. 

Alumni Association Websites

Reconnect with your university's alumni association through their website. These groups can provide significant employment resources, classes, and workshops as well as positions posted by local employers. Alumni associations don't just keep graduates connected to their school; they are also a great source for networking and professional development and may host local events if you're in a large urban area.