How Did You Land Your Most Successful Sale?

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When you answer questions about your sales successes, be sure to give a tangible example of how and why you were successful.

When applicants are interviewed for a sales job the interviewer is looking for quantifiable accomplishments i.e. closing the sale, 56% increase in revenue year over year, how you made the sale, etc.

Sample Answers

  • My most successful sale was one where I had taken over a customer from another salesperson who had to leave suddenly. I immediately contacted the person, and let them know the situation. I knew that my colleague was having a difficult time getting the client to commit to the purchase of a large motor home. Part of it was circumstantial, but when I was given the opportunity to take over the sale, I was able to give the customer some reflection time, and was ultimately able to close the sale.
  • I would say that my most successful sales have followed a similar pattern. Once the customer has expressed interest in the product, I make myself available to answer any questions they may have. Next, I try to fill them in on the details they may not be familiar with, i.e. features, benefits, etc. I believe that when a customer is making a purchase, especially a large one, they like to have time to fully understand what features the item has, and what makes one company preferable to deal with than another. By representing a company with a superior product and a high level of customer support, I am confident in offering a fair price, and I have been very successful at landing most of my sales.
  • I have been very fortunate to have met many interesting people in my career in sales. One of the sales which I would consider my most successful was an international sale of a large number of books which had been returned after a major retailer closed. Through my contacts, I learned of an English Language bookstore in a small suburb of Delhi, and I was able to offer the owner a terrific deal, which helped out my company tremendously, by not having to re-stock the items.

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