How CellControl Can Eliminate Mobile Distractions While Driving

Cell Phone Used While Driving
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Everyone knows that driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous. But did you realize that driving under the influence of a cell phone can be just as risky? Sixteen states ban drivers from texting and driving, so if you use a cell phone while in the driver’s seat, you are putting yourself at risk of getting a ticket. But you’re also putting yourself at far worse than pure monetary risk: studies show nearly 25 percent of accidents involve a cellphone, and people who use a cellphone in the car have more crashes than drunk drivers do.


For many, the easiest solution is the simplest: put the phone down when you’re in the driver’s seat. If you’re driving family or friends, ask them to respond to your text, answer your phone, or look up that urgent burning question you just have to google. However, for whatever reason, self-control is not always so simple. If you’re driving to earn a living or are a young teen, you may feel pressured to answer your phone or be available on social media at all times. If you are a parent or responsible for a fleet of drivers, you may wish you had some way of keeping track of your children or employees’ cellphone use.

Enter a new revolutionary technology: Cellcontrol

What Is Cellcontrol? 

Cellcontrol is a mobile app and small piece of (solar powered!) hardware that is installed in one’s vehicle that prevents distracted driving. With a simple touch, Cellcontrol can disable texting, calling (though not emergency/911 calls), social media, the camera app, surfing the web, and more while the car is in motion. It is designed both for use in large fleets, where oversight over each individual drivers’ safety is important, and for families, especially those with teens who are both new to the road and especially addicted to social media.


Goof Proof Technology

Cellcontrol’s beauty lies in the ability to “set it and forget it.” Every trip, Cellcontrol’s DriveID is automatically updated; neither driver, phone, or administrator has to do a thing to start monitoring or preventing distracted driving. As soon as the car is in motion, the device will go into lock mode. The device can also be customized to allow passengers to text for the driver from designated zones (like the passenger seat), to send a customized autoresponder to text messages, or even to alert you if you’ve missed a call and from whom.


Smart Proof Technology

My first reaction when I heard about Cellcontrol was that it would be simple to disable, but the service incorporates many techy measures to prevent tampering and disabling — and notifies the administrators when such work around are attempted! 

Parental Control

For parents, Cellcontrol can send many different notifications for bad things such as attempts to disable the app, speeding, and other bad driving behaviors. But the app also gives parents an update on their teen’s route and driving habits so that parents can keep track of their teen’s whereabouts and praise them when they’re driving safely — or discipline them when they are not. 

A perk of the app is that it also teaches teens how to be better drivers by evaluating their driving behaviors, including speed and acceleration, braking, and cornering, on a 100 point scoring system. The scores are available for review by both the driver and administrator.

Fleet Control

When you are a parent, you want to track your teen’s whereabouts, teach them how to improve their driving, and keep them safe because you love them and are personally responsible for them. When you are running a fleet of cars, however, you have additional motivations such as profit and reputation. If your employees are making calls, surfing the internet, or texting while driving clients, they will be seen as unprofessional — and worse, could cause a car crash. Not only could this cause injuries and damage to your fleet of vehicles — this also exposes you, the owner, to legal risk if you are found liable.


Not only does Cellcontrol report when employees are engaging in risky behaviours and prevent them from doing so; the app also provides are service called Drive PERFORMANCE, which provides driving metrics and performance evaluations on factors like braking and speeding, route reports, and idling time. These metrics can inform both professional development/training that is necessary for drivers and reduce fleet operating costs. 

Bonus Features

Cell control does not just alert you when you’re practicing distracted driving from your phone — the app also discourages speeding, fast breaking, and other poor driving habits — and can you send alerts when you’re doing so. Cellcontrol is also great for families because multiple devices can be synced to the same Cellcontrol DriveID device. 

Consumer Reports Approved

The widely trusted Consumer Reports evaluated Cellcontrol on both Android and iPhone devices. Their review of the product sounded a ringing endorsement: “For about the same price of a Fitbit personal tracker, the $129 Cellcontrol DriveID serves as a driver tracker, mobile connectivity trainer, and safety mentor that can be shared among several drivers for one car. Based on our experience, buying Cellcontrol DriveID is money well spent on preventing a new driver and/or your entire family from using a cell phone while driving.”

Potential to Save on Insurance

Some (but not all) insurance companies offer discounts for using distracted-driving prevention devices such as Cellcontrol. As the technology becomes more widely available, more and more companies will likely offer discounts. Liberty Mutual spokesperson Glenn Greenberg offered this:

“Innovative advances in vehicle safety give our customers more opportunity to save on their insurance premiums. Liberty Mutual Insurance offers discounts for various electronic safety features; such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Adaptive Headlights, Collision Preparation Systems (including automatic braking), Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Rear-View Cameras. These advanced features are designed to reduce the risk of collision, which would translate to a lesser likelihood of an insurance claim.”

As always, talk to your insurance agent to see if Cellcontrol would potentially help you save on your auto insurance premiums.