How a Job Club Can Help You Get Hired

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A job club, also known as a job search club or a networking club, is a formal or informal group of job seekers. The purpose of a job club is to assist with a job hunt and to give and get job search support and advice.

Members might share resumes and cover letters, conduct mock interviews, recommend job leads, and offer general encouragement and advice about the job search.

What Are the Benefits of a Job Club?

The most obvious benefit of a job club is that it provides you a space to get advice on your job search.

Members can give you advice on resumes and cover letters, help prepare you for interviews, and more. Many job clubs set weekly deadlines for members to complete elements of the job search, which holds job seekers accountable.

Another benefit of a job club is that it provides an informal place for networking. Not only will meeting with a regular group help you meet new people, but club members can introduce each other to potential employers. Members can also point out job openings they think might be a good fit for other members.

Job clubs provide support during what can be a stressful time. Job searching can be overwhelming, so meeting with people going through a similar experience can provide much-needed encouragement and advice.

What Are the Different Types of Job Clubs?

Job clubs vary in many ways. Some are very formal, with executive boards, monthly dues, required meetings, etc. A more formal job club may be moderated by a career counselor or other career expert.

Other job clubs are much more informal, and simply offer a space for people to talk about their job search experiences. Many job clubs fall somewhere in the middle, offering members the chance to set job search goals and receive advice from their peers.

Job clubs also differ in whom they cater to. Some job clubs are for specific types of job seekers, such as people looking for jobs in one industry.

Other clubs are for specific groups of people, such as job clubs for women.

How Do I Find a Job Club?

A number of websites list local job clubs, such as CareerOneStop, the US Department of Labor’s job services website. You can also look at your local newspaper or your chamber of commerce website for local job clubs.

Public libraries, community colleges, and local universities also often have job clubs or networking groups, so call or check out their websites.

If you are looking for a job club that caters to a specific group or industry, look into organizations that cater to that group.

If you can’t find a club that fits your needs, create your own. You can either place an ad in your local paper, or gather a few friends together for a weekly lunch meeting. 

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