Hotel Reward Cards

Earn complimentary stays, room upgrades, and more with these hotel rewards credit cards, and learn strategies for maximizing your card's value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do hotel credit cards work?

    Co-branded hotel cards (cards with a partnership between a hotel brand such as Marriott and a card issuer such as Chase) will ask you to link your credit card account to their hotel loyalty program. As you make purchases with your card, you'll earn points that are automatically transferred to your loyalty account. You can then use those points to book rooms, experiences, and more depending on the hotel program.

  • How do you pick the best hotel card?

    Which hotel card is best for you depends on several factors. Some travelers like to pick hotel cards based on their favorite hotel chain. Others may make their decision based on which card rewards their spending habits the most. You can also choose a card based on how many complimentary stays you can get every year, or the value that a hotel card's points offer.

  • Do hotel cards have an annual fee?

    Yes, many hotel cards have an annual fee that typically falls between $59 and $95. However, there are numerous hotel cards that do not charge an annual fee, such as the Marriott Bonvoy Bold and Wyndham Rewards Earner cards.

  • Are hotel cards better than general travel cards?

    It depends on your travel preferences. A general travel card allows you to redeem your points or miles with multiple hotel partners, whereas a hotel card limits your redemption to one brand. However, hotel cards tend to have better additional perks and lower annual fees.

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