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Are you looking for a job in the hospitality industry? When you are writing a resume, it can be helpful to look at resume examples that are related to your job or career field. From there, choose the type of resume that best presents your skills, but remember to keep your resume professional.

Here are hospitality industry resume examples to review including chef, waiter or waitress, and general hospitality resumes.

  Whether it's your first job, you are changing professions, or you want to polish your resume, these templates can help.

While many hospitality industry employers use online applications, you may need to craft your own resume to send to others. Writing a resume will also help you to organize your information for entering into online applications.

Hospitality Skills for Resumes: What skills should you emphasize in the hospitality industry? Before you begin to write your resume, consider your past employment and training and how those will make you a good candidate for other positions.

Hospitality Resume Examples

  • Hotel Front Desk Resume: Use this example highlighting your communication skills.
  • Hourly Positions Hospitality Resume: This example is suitable for an hourly position in the hospitality industry, such as hotel front desk and other positions. It highlights customer service training and experience.

    Chef/Cook Resume Examples

    Front of the House Resume Example

      Student/Seasonal Hospitality Resume Examples

      If you are a student looking for employment during school breaks, or you are looking for seasonal work, use these resume examples.

      Resume Types and Templates

      You should also review the various types of resumes.These include functional, combination, and targeted resumes, as well as resume templates you can download to create your resume.

      • Combination Resume: This format emphasizes your skills, then follows with a chronological list of employment.
      • Chronological Resume: This format shows your experience by date.
      • Functional Resume with Summary Statement: This format focuses on skills and experiences, and is useful when applying in a new industry or if you have gaps in employment history.
      • Targeted Resume: If you want to emphasize your skills only for the type of position for which you are applying, this is a good format to use.
      • Resume with Accomplishments Section: This resume is a good format to use when applying for a higher level position and you have achievements you want to emphasize.
      • Resume With Skills Section: This resume will emphasize the training you have received and the skills you have used in previous jobs that are relevant to your current application.
      • Resume Templates: A variety of templates you can use to build your resume.
      • Resume Format: More information about the different sections of a resume.
      • More Resume Examples: More free resume examples that fit a variety of employment situations.

      Please Note: These samples are provided for guidance only. The provided information, including samples and examples, is not guaranteed for accuracy or legality. Letters and other correspondence should be edited to fit your personal situation.