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Web-only homeowners insurance offers convenience but no personal touch

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Homesite Insurance

Homesite Insurance was founded in 1997, and was one of the very first insurers to sell home insurance online to consumers in a single visit. The company was purchased by American Family Insurance in 2014, which expanded its offerings to include auto, life, and commercial insurance beyond the home and renters insurance that made the company’s name. Policies are underwritten and issued by member companies and affiliates of the Homesite Insurance Group.

Homesite Insurance appears to be available in the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia but not in Alaska or Hawaii. See the Availability section later in this Homesite review for more information.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Company Overview
Pros and Cons
  • Ability to buy a policy and make claims online

  • Affordable rates

  • Few endorsements available

  • No in-person agents 

  • Limited discounts offered

Company Overview
  • Official Website
  • Insurance Offered Homeowners, renters, condo, flood, life, business, auto
  • Customer Service 24/7, by phone or online
  • Year Founded 1997

Homesite Standard Home Insurance Policy

In part because of its status as an exclusively online insurer, Homesite only offers a single homeowners insurance policy. The details of what customers receive from this policy are sparse on the Homesite website. Despite repeated calls and other attempts to contact a representative of the company, Homesite did not respond to requests for details about its homeowners policy. 

Based on what is available online, the standard home insurance policy appears to offer coverage for your home, your possessions, loss of use (in case damage makes your home uninhabitable during repairs), and medical expenses for someone injured on your property. 

The website does not specify whether the coverage is for actual cash value or replacement value of the loss, although the existence of the extended coverage on dwelling coverage (more information below) suggests that Homesite offers actual cash value.

The website also does not provide information about the limits on coverage for your personal possessions, for loss of use, or for medical expenses, nor does it state any specific information about deductibles.

The fact that the information on the website is so scant may be somewhat worrisome to potential customers, as you will have to get a quote (and provide a Social Security number to do so) in order to find out exactly what kind of coverage to expect. That makes it more onerous to compare Homesite’s insurance coverage with that of other companies.


Homesite’s basic policy does not have as many endorsements or riders as policies from other insurance providers. Homesite customers who would like to add on additional insurance to the basic plan can choose from the following options:

  • Identity theft protection: This rider will give you up to $15,000 in coverage for expenses directly resulting from the theft of your identity.
  • Personal injury protection: This endorsement covers you for claims of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy.
  • Coverage for valuables: If you own valuable items like jewelry, furs, golf equipment, musical instruments, fine art, or the like, you may want this rider, which will give you open-perils coverage for those items.
  • Extended coverage on your home: This gives homeowners 25% to 50% additional coverage on top of the standard dwelling coverage. This can help cover the cost of replacing the home if the standard coverage is not enough.

In addition to these endorsements, Homesite’s website also has an article about homeowners insurance in general that mentions other riders, including coverage for pet bites, repairs to bring your home up to code after a covered loss, damage from falling debris, damage due to power outages, and damage away from home. However, the article does not say whether Homesite offers these endorsements. 

Homesite’s Cost for a Standard Policy

Homesite has a reputation as an affordable home insurer. Unfortunately, we were unable to generate an example quote for a Homesite policy, and were also unable to reach a Homesite representative who could provide any insight on costs. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average annual cost of homeowners insurance was $1,211 in 2017, the latest year for which data has been compiled. If you get a quote from Homesite, compare it to that $1,211 average to decide if it’s a good value.

It’s also important to remember that your marital status may affect your quote, and that married homeowners should provide both spouses’ information when seeking a quote from insurers. Some insurers use credit ratings to determine your home insurance rate, and such companies will often use the higher credit score between the two spouses to generate the quote. 

Homesite Home Insurance Discounts

Homesite has several discounts available to help make your policy more affordable, but the list is not as extensive as you will find with other insurers. These include:

Home purchase discount: New home buyers may receive a discount, although it is not guaranteed for all new purchasers.

Moving-in discount: Customers who switch from a Homesite renters or condo insurance policy to a homeowners policy may qualify for this discount.

Retired occupant discount: Those who are over a certain age or who have reached retirement may be eligible for this discount.

Premises alarm or fire protection system discount: Insurance customers who have centrally monitored or direct-line fire or burglar alarms, or sprinklers in every room of the house, may be eligible.

Age-of-roof discount: Having a roof that is fewer than 10 years old may qualify you for this discount.

Age-of-home discount: Homesite may offer discounts to customers based on the age of their home; newer homes often have fewer claims.

Endorsement package options: If you are interested in adding endorsements to your policy, the company offers two different packages that cost less than sum of the individual endorsements.

Homesite Home Insurance Availability

Homesite home insurance appears to be available in the 48 contiguous states, although there is no place on the website that specifically names where policies are available. However, when attempting to create a quote with either an Alaskan or Hawaiian ZIP code, the site directs you to call a toll-free number to reach an agent. Doing so yields an automated response saying that Homesite does not offer a product for those ZIP codes.  

How to Get a Homesite Homeowners Insurance Quote

Homesite made its name as one of the earliest insurers that offered online quotes, purchasing, and claims options. While you can get a quote by calling the toll-free customer service number, 800-466-3748, the easiest way to generate a quote is online. Either way, you will need to supply your Social Security number to get a quote.

How to File a Claim with Homesite

Homesite customers have two options for filing a claim: online or by calling 1-866-621-4823 and following the menu prompt for claims. For the online claims process, you will need to log in to your online account and follow the prompts for filing a claim. Both types of claims processes are available 24/7. There are no in-person insurance agents.

Homesite Customer Service

Study How Liberty Mutual Fared
JD Power Property Claims Satisfaction Study Well below average
JD Power Home Insurance Study Well below average

NAIC Complaints Index 2019

2.06 (more than double the industry average)

Being among the first insurers to offer insurance online in a single visit meant Homesite was on the cutting edge of customer service innovation. While online quotes, policies, and claims have since become standard, the company in 2017 earned the Confirmit Achievement in Customer Excellence Award from its customer feedback software vendor, according to the Homesite website. 

Unfortunately, it’s somewhat difficult to confirm the quality of the company’s customer service. The fact that it was impossible to get in touch with someone who could discuss the details of insurance offerings for this review is somewhat telling.

In addition, Homesite has more than three times the average number of complaints lodged against it. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) compiles consumer complaints about insurers, and compares the information to the industry average. The NAIC sets the industry average complaints at 1.0, meaning a company with a score of 0.5 has half the number of complaints as the average, for example. 

Homesite’s score in mid-July 2021 was 3.28, which equates to more than three times as many complaints as the industry average.

It also scored poorly in two 2020 J.D. Power consumer surveys about insurance experiences: It ranked 18 of 19 companies in property claims satisfaction, and also rock-bottom at 22nd of 23 insurers in terms of customer satisfaction.

Financial Stability

Insurance customers need to know that their insurer will be there for them in case of a loss. One way to trust that your insurer will pay your claims is to look at its financial stability. AM Best rates insurers on financial strength, giving a Financial Strength Rating represented by a letter. 

Homesite has an AM Best rating of A (Excellent), which is two steps down from the highest rating of A++. This means potential customers can trust that Homesite is a financially stable company and will be there for any future claims.

Other Types of Insurance Provided by Homesite

In addition to homeowners insurance, Homesite also offers the following types of insurance coverage: renters, condo, flood, life, business, and auto.

Compare Other Home Insurance Reviews

Homesite has some plusses in terms of pricing but might not be the best fit for many consumers. It’s important to compare quotes from other providers, so here are some with similar basic policies to consider:  

Amica homeowners insurance

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Final Verdict

Homesite’s homeowners insurance could be a good fit for a customer looking for:

  • A policy from a company with a reputation for affordable coverage
  • Entirely online quote and claims process

However, shoppers should be aware of:

  • A low-touch experience without in-person agents
  • A website with scanty details about policies
  • The high number of customer complaints recorded by the NAIC

Anyone seeking homeowners insurance should make sure to generate quotes from multiple companies. This is the optimal way to determine if you are getting the best coverage and value. 


The Balance strives to give consumers unbiased, comprehensive reviews of homeowners insurance providers. To ensure that our content helps you make the right insurance decision for your needs, we review each insurance provider’s coverage options, discounts, customer service and satisfaction, and financial stability. 

In addition, we look at the cost of a basic policy in a residential neighborhood in Illinois, a state whose average insurance premiums are close to the national average. We request a quote for the following profile:

  • 35-year-old applicant with a mortgage
  • Insured for five years
  • No claims
  • Arlington Heights, Ill., residential neighborhood
  • 1,500-square-foot home 
  • Built in 1971
  • $300,000 building value
  • $500,000 in liability
  • $1,000 deductible

We also include a number of other variables when asked, such as a 10-year-old roof upgrade. All of these factors were chosen to represent a consumer with an average home. Your situation may be quite different, but our quote is not meant to cover every kind of situation, just to give a sample of what premiums could be. We use the same profile for every homeowners insurance provider we review, to give the best chance of comparing providers’ costs across the board. 

Article Sources

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