Home Based Home Improvement Business Ideas

Home Improvement Can be Fun with these Home Based Businesses

If you're handy around the home and want to be your own boss, consider starting a home improvement business. Get the scoop on what the future holds along with the pros, cons and startup needs for seven home improvement business ideas. 

Bathtub Reglazing Home Based Business

Because a bathtub reglazing and refinishing costs between $250 and $600 as opposed to more than $1,000 for a new tub, refurbishing remains high on the to-do list of domestic beautification, especially in tough times when money is tight. A bathtub reglazing work from home business can catch the home-improvement wave, allowing you to earn between $30 and $100 an hour.

To gain experience, greenhorns might want to accompany professionals on jobs, watch tutorials on the Internet, or enroll in a respected vocational program.

Faux Painting Home Based Business

Faux-painting home based businesses can enjoy bright prospects, and those who seize this work at home business opportunity often end up earning three times the income of a conventional home-interior painting business. A work at home faux-painting service, or decorative painting service, should probably focus on a few coverage techniques, including marbleizing (with glaze), Trompe l'oeil and rag painting. An apprenticeship in faux painting helps but isn't necessary.

Home Based Floor Installation Business

Every building needs floors, and that's where a home-based floor installation home business comes in, making it a good home based business idea that promises strong earnings and growth potential.

Most floor-installation technicians learn through apprenticeships or contractor-sponsored programs, charging between $35 and $40 an hour, according to Entrepreneur.com. Floor-replacement jobs can be labor-intensive and potentially lucrative. You can also pick up extra cash with floor-refinishing assignments.

Home Based Wallpapering Business

Home Based Wallpapering Business Couple Photo by Stockbyte

Wallpaperers, or paperhangers, apply decorative wall and ceiling coverings, usually from paper and vinyl. Removing old wallpaper, patching holes in walls, and even touch-up painting can also be part of the job. Wallpapering requires no formal training, just the know-how built through personal experience or an apprenticeship of some sort. Stamina is necessary to endure the long hours standing and reaching overhead. The startup capital can be as low as a $1,000 for wallpapering tools and advertising.

And, because wallpapering is much easier with a helper, this can be a great couples home business.

Home Based Business Ideas - Interior Designer

Interior designers are typically licensed, degreed professionals who decorate homes, offices and entire buildings. They juggle environmental, legal and aesthetic concerns in conceptualizing their plans. Interior decorators, who may or may not need professional licenses or as much formal education, often focus on the finishing touches, such as furniture, curtains and color. Both can build successful home based businesses but with different salary and job-scope expectations.

General Home Remodeling and Restoration Business

If you love carpentry, why not consider starting a home remodeling and restoration home based business? You can either offer to make improvements yourself, or if you're not the handy type, offer your services as a remodeling and restoration consultant instead.

The hourly rate for home remodeling services can be as high as into the triple figures in states such as California. And, couples can draw from each others' strengths to offer a variety of home remodeling and repair services.

Stained Glass Home Based Business

Starting a stained glass home based business is one of those specialty opportunities that requires good hands, an eye for color and the patience to endure the vagaries of an enterprise with more practitioners than demand.

Checking out your competition's inventory and pricing is critical to gaining a business foothold. And deciding on an emphasis, whether stained glass for windows or handicrafts to sell in galleries or custom installations, will also influence income flow.