Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015

Holiday Shopping
Getty Images / Westend61

Many people consider the holidays as a time for families and friends to have fun together, but this season can serve as more than that. Did you know that you can actually advertise your business during this time? If you have not started taking advantage of the holidays as a way to improve your marketing techniques, then you are definitely missing a great opportunity. This is a time when people make a lot of purchases, so you can direct some of that spending to your small business for huge profits at the end of the day.


During the holidays, it is very important to consider both online and offline marketing strategies so that your business gets the much-needed attention throughout the entire season. Some holidays, especially end-of-the-year celebrations, seem to encompass a longer period of time for your business to enjoy the benefits. 

There are several marketing techniques to use during the holidays. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your holiday marketing: 

  • You can offer promotions, giveaways or incentives to your customers. The items you use for these promotions do not have to be very expensive. Even cheap items can make a lot of difference in the sales that you make. You can also decide to give your customers special gifts to make them feel appreciated and needed. In addition, you may want to offer special discounts for items that are most commonly used during the season. This will encourage customers to buy more from you. These discounts may give customers a reason why they should buy the item at this time. These incentives will make your sales go up during the season because nobody will want to be left behind. 

  • It is also possible to use gift certificates to make good holiday deals. Your customers will really love this. You could save some money while giving your repeat customers additional reasons to remain in your business. Instead of offering a 30% discount to the customers, give a $50 gift certificate and you may be shocked at the results. 

  • You can also promote your business during the holidays by individually wishing each of your customers special greetings for the season. This can be achieved through the use of cards, especially during the holidays. A simple printed holiday card will make a lot of difference for your business. Your customers will feel appreciated and needed by your business. In the card, show them that you actually appreciate their contribution to your business. At the end of the season, your business bond will be strengthened, and you will definitely make good sales. 

  • It is also important to decorate your store or office for the season. This will actually set the holiday mood for your customers. You can simply set up a Christmas tree and colorful lights during the December holiday. For people who do their business online, it is possible to set the holiday mood here too by decorating your site. You will be shocked at how many clients will visit the site because of your attention to your visual display. Create a nice logo that symbolizes the holiday that is being celebrated. Go ahead and put up a banner for holiday cheers for the people coming to your site. 

Holiday time can be a very lucrative season for all businesses, whether small or large.

You will definitely be able to make bigger and better sales if you use the right marketing strategies. By using these simple, cost-effective ideas, your business can grow significantly. You will be able to get more customers and create stronger relationships, which will last even after the holiday period is over. If you have not brought these ideas in your business, you are definitely missing an opportunity.