High Risk Insurance

High-risk insurance is an uphill battle for many drivers. Learn what a high-risk driver is, how long one can be considered high-risk, and how to get out of high-risk insurance.
Image shows a suspended license, two letter, a driving record, and a cell phone. Text reads: "How to check if your driver's license is suspended: check mailbox for mailed notification of suspension; obtain a copy of driving record at dmv; call auto insurance carrier"
Do You Know Whether Your License Is Suspended?
Upset woman with a suspended license sitting near her wrecked car
5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Suspended License Reinstated
Close up view of a suspended Driver's License
Do You Need SR22 Car Insurance?
Image shows two people on a video call with car keys in front of the screen. Text reads: "How to get car insurance without a driver's license: Choose someone close to your to be the primary driver; do not lie or stretch the truth to the insurance agent; ask for suggestions if agent is unable to assist; find insurance companies that offer high-risk policies regularly; make sure you are excluded as the driver; get primary driver co-titled on your vehicle."
How to Get Car Insurance Without a License
Three women sitting on the back of an open hatchback looking at map while on a road trip.
No Car, No License, and Still Have SR22 Insurance?
Woman on the phone next to scratched car
What Is a Car Insurance Surcharge?
Police make DUI arrest
What Is an Excluded Driver?
A Young Couple Driving Around a Bend in a Convertible
Where to Get Your Driving Record
Car insurance concept with a man holding an umbrella over a car
Get The High-Risk Driver Insurance Your Need From Explorer Insurance
Platinum-haired woman driving a convertible on a sunny day
Driver's License Points vs. Insurance Points
African American teen learning to drive with mom
Learn How Much It Costs for Car Insurance for a 16-Year-Old Driver
Traffic Violation
Nailed With a Traffic Ticket While Out of State? What Happens Next?
Worried man sitting in a chair with his hand on his head, reading a car insurance cancellation letter.
Why Is Your Car Insurance Ditching You?
Man driving drunk
Is It OK to Wait to Tell My Car Insurance About a DUI?
Woman in driver's seat making call to her insurance company
How to Stay Positive and Stay Insured Even With a Bad Driving Record
White woman driving car looking focused.
SR-22 Car Insurance: Reasons Not to Let It Cancel
Man using smartphone whilst driving.
What Is a High-Risk Driver?
Mother driving daughters in SUV
Are You a Good Driver or Bad? Here's How to Know Where You Fall
A man with handcuffs standing by a car and being arrested.
Here Is a Look at Why Criminal Convictions Increase Car Insurance Costs
Driver Pulled Over by Police
Why Are You Being Required to File a SR22 on Your Car Insurance?
Police officer writing a ticket for a high risk driver
What Kind of Car Insurance Is Available for High-Risk Drivers?
Car Swerving All Over the Road
Will Your Car Insurance Be Canceled After a DUI Conviction?
Police officer making a traffic stop
5 Common SR 22 Car Insurance Questions