Help! I am Stuck Living at Home

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The recent economic downturn has forced many recent college graduates to move back in with their parents. Some people lived at home while they were in school to money and may be having a difficult time moving out, because they cannot find stable work. It can be frustrating for everyone to have you still living at home. It is important to have a plan and guidelines to make it work out so that you do not end up seriously hurting your relationship.

Create a Plan 

First, you need to create a plan so that you all feel like you are moving towards a change in the situation. It will help your parents if you can show that you are actively looking for work, and that you are contributing to the household in some way. This means that you spend time every day looking for and applying to work. You need to use all the available resources you can to look for your job. Attend career fairs in your area and contact temporary agencies to see if you can generate jobs leads.

If you are living at home even with a job, then you plan may include things like paying off your credit cards and working on getting your student loan debt down. It helps to have a budget that clearly notes how much you are going to put toward each of these goals each month. It can help to track the progress with these goals on an app or with a chart on your wall. this can help you stay motivated.

Consider Other Options

If you are really having a difficult time living at home, you may want to look into other options. Try to find some roommates that you can move in with, and a part-time job to pay the rent. This can give you a bit more freedom, and may improve your relationship with your parents. If you do this, you should not expect your parents to continue to help you out financially. They need to focus on saving for their retirement and other financial obligations, and when you move out this way, you are telling them you are ready to take responsibility for your own finances.

Find Ways to Contribute at Home

While you are still at home, you need to find a way to contribute to the household in a positive way. Some parents may charge you a small amount of rent to help cover the grocery bill and utility costs. Others may allow you to live there for free. You should make an effort to help out around the house and in the yard, to show your appreciation for a place to stay. You will want to keep yourself established as an adult, and not revert back into the habits you had before you went to college. One of the best ways to do that is to take on more responsibility at home.

Shop for some of the groceries if you have a part time job, and try cooking a meal or two a week for the family. This can help you both feel better about the situation.

Keep Communication Open With Your Parents

Talk to your parents about your efforts to look for a job each week. This report will help them to realize the efforts you are making. You can also use the social networks your parents have built to try and get an in for an interview. They may be more willing to help if they know you are sincerely trying to find a job. If you have specific goals that you are working on so you can move out, share your progress with your parents. Although you do not want to share every aspect of your life with them, it is understandable that they may become frustrated if you are shopping every weekend and blowing through your paychecks instead of putting them towards your financial goals.

Keep in mind that you are a guest and they are helping you out because they care. 

Stay Positive

Finally, it is important to look for the positives in the situation. It can be discouraging to have to move back into your parents’ home after college. It may feel like a step backwards instead of forward. However, it may give you the opportunity to pay down your student loan debt, and to build a solid emergency fund before you get your own place. Your attitude will definitely affect how well this situation plays out. Make sure you let your parents know that you are grateful that they are willing to let you move back in.

Be sure that you are courteous and considerate while you are living at home. You should also have a solid plan in place so that you can move out as soon as you are ready. this includes setting up a moving budget, so you do not struggle financially after you move out. If your job requires you to move across the country, you may want to take advantage of these tips to save on cross country move.