Heartfelt Resignation Letter Example

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When you send a letter of resignation to your employer, it’s good to add a word of thanks, if appropriate. You always want to leave a job on the best possible terms, and sending a heartfelt resignation letter can go a long way toward making your last impression as good as your first. Here is what a heartfelt resignation letter should include.

Honest Appreciation

Most people are bad fibbers, but good at sensing when others aren’t being genuine.

Don’t spoil a networking opportunity by lying. It’s not a good idea to pretend that your neglectful boss was a helpful mentor, for example, or to praise the efficiency of the organization when every day on the job was a fire drill. Even bad jobs usually have some high spots. Search for those, and call them out for praise. Above all, be genuine.  


The best praise is specific, as well as personal and honest. Did your boss or coworker teach you a useful skill or provide an example that you’ll use as a model? Now’s the perfect time to mention it. Your resignation letter will linger longer in their memory because you’ve attached your thanks to their specific behaviors. We all like to hear nice things about ourselves.

An Offer of Assistance

Replacing employees is difficult. This is true even if you’ve given appropriate notice, and even if the company has your replacement lined up. Training a new worker and helping them gel with the team takes time, effort, and money – all of which are in perpetually short supply at most organizations.

By offering to help in the transition, you’ll stand out as someone who’s a team player even after you’ve officially left the team. It’s low-investment for you since the odds are you’ll be called upon merely to answer a few questions here or there, or provide training before you leave.

But the impression you’ll leave on your former manager and colleagues will be priceless.

You can bet they’ll be willing to provide you with recommendations and job leads in the future.

Heartfelt Resignation Letter Example

This resignation letter example includes an appreciation for the opportunities provided by the employer.

Tilda White
ABC School
983 Green Ave.
Ft. Worth, TX 76101

Dear Ms. White,

Please accept this letter of resignation from ABC School as sixth grade history teacher. My last day of employment will be June 3, 20XX.

Thank you so much for five excellent years at your school. I have worked alongside some excellent colleagues, and have had so many opportunities to grow and develop in my career field.

I will never forget my time at ABC School. Please let me know if you need any assistance with the transition.

All the best,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Tripp Meter

Sending an Email Resignation Message

Nowadays, most intraoffice communication takes place via email or messaging software, with email as the appropriate message for “formal” communication. If you want to email your message, the same general rules apply.

  • Remember that a resignation letter is a networking opportunity, and follow the rules outlined above to make a good impression on your team.

  • Neatness counts. Proofread carefully, and have a trusted friend do the same, to save the embarrassment of spotting a typo or grammatical error after you send. (Note: it’s best to have the friend proofread the email in its entirety, including the subject line and addressee. You don’t want to take the risk of sending your resignation letter to the wrong person, or getting the body of your email just right, only to discover a mistake in the subject line after sending.)

  • File a copy of your email for your records.

Of course, email has different requirements than hard-copy communication, so the emailed version of your resignation will look a little different. Specifically:

  • You can leave off the heading when you’re emailing, as well as the written signature. (Obviously. No need to dig into e-sign software to make it official.)

  • Brevity is the soul of email communication. Keep it as short as possible, while still conveying your message.

  • Choose your subject line with care. “Thank You” is a good choice.

For specifics on how to send your email resignation letter, including what information to send, how to check your email for errors, and what you should never, ever include in your message, see How to Write and Send Professional Email Messages.