6 Easy Ways to Be the First to Hear About New Sweepstakes

Easy Ways to Get Notified when New Sweepstakes Start

Do you ever get too busy to check for new sweepstakes news? When it comes to sweepstakes, it's important to stay up-to-date. After all, finding out about a big sweepstakes a day earlier could give you that one extra entry that you need to win.

Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to have sweepstakes news delivered directly to you, so that you don't have to remember to seek it out yourself. Here are 9 of my favorite ways to keep up with sweepstakes news.

Sign Up for Sweepstakes Newsletters

Many sweepstakes websites offer free newsletters that inform you about sweepstakes news. Contests sends out newsletters three times a week, featuring the most exciting new sweepstakes to enter, plus tips and advice to help you win more. Get sweepstakes news in your email by signing up for free newsletters from the sweepstakes sites you enjoy the most.  More

Get Sweepstakes Blog Updates By Email

If you use a program like Microsoft's Outlook or Mozilla's Thunderbird to read your email, you could have sweepstakes blog updates sent to you by email. Look for an RSS feed on your favorite site. Then follow these instructions to receive them by email:

Use an RSS Reader to Monitor Sweepstakes News Feeds

The blog offers an RSS feed, which can be read using a program called a feed reader. You can add several different feeds to a feed reader, which helps you keep up with news from various sweepstakes sites. Net for Beginners site has some great information about what RSS feeds are, plus a list of the best free feed readers to use.

Use Firefox's Live Bookmarks Option

If you use the Firefox internet browser, you can use its Live Bookmarks option to keep track of sweepstakes news through RSS feeds. You'll be able to click a button to see all of the latest sweepstakes headlines.

Follow Sweepstakes Sites on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find sweepstakes news (read my Twitter review for more information why). Companies announce sweepstakes through Twitter, and many sweepstakes sites post updates about sweepstakes news. More

Follow Sweepstakes Companies on Facebook

There are two ways to find sweepstakes information on Facebook: by following companies that hold sweepstakes and by following people who write about sweepstakes. Aside from sweepstakes, many companies offer freebies, coupons, and exclusive offers to their Facebook followers. And don't think that you can only find small giveaways there! I've seen cars, dream vacations, big cash prizes, and much more being given away on Facebook.

Facebook accounts are free, and with so many free giveaways, it's prudent for sweepers to try it out. You can start by following the  Contests Fan Page for updated tips and information. More