Healthcare Career Questions and Answers

Most Common Questions Asked About Health Careers

Healthcare is a hot employment sector, even in a slow economy and among high unemployment in other industries. Therefore, many students and established professionals are seeking new careers within the healthcare field, whether they are just finishing school or are looking to make a career change. Readers often write with many similar questions about how to go about their healthcare job search and how to target the best health career for their needs and qualifications.

Below are some examples of most common questions asked by healthcare job seekers, and the appropriate answers. If your question is not answered below or elsewhere on the site, feel free to email Andrea Santiago, the Guide to Health Careers, for more information after searching the site.

Why Should I Work in Healthcare?

If you are on this page, most likely you have decided you are interested in a healthcare career. However, you may still have doubts. Here are five key reasons why healthcare is a great industry in which to work.

How Do I Know if Healthcare is a Good Career Choice for Me?

Healthcare is a growing, booming field, and it can be extremely rewarding. However, the field is also very challenging, competitive, and many healthcare jobs often require special skills, training, and degrees. Therefore, a healthcare career is not necessarily the best choice for every person. Use this checklist to help you decide if a healthcare career is a right choice for you, personally and professionally.

Do I Need a College Degree to Work in Healthcare?

Do you need a college degree? The answer depends on what type of healthcare career you would like to pursue. If you are seeking an advanced level position such as a physician or advanced practice nurse, then yes, a college degree is a minimum requirement.

However, there are many healthcare careers which do not require a four-year college degree. The answer to this question includes a partial list of many health careers that do not require four-year undergraduate degrees. Some of the jobs are available to high school graduates, while others require a two-year associate's degree or equivalent vocational education.

How and Where Do I Start to Pursue a Healthcare Career?

How do you get a healthcare job? It depends on the type of job you are pursuing if it includes entrance exams, coursework at a college, university, or graduate program, certifications, licensure, clinical training, or more. This general list breaks down some of the key steps to successfully obtain a medical job that is right for you.

How Do I Break Into the Healthcare Industry Without Health Career Experience?

This is one of the most common questions received from readers who have been working for several years in another industry, unrelated to healthcare, and are seeking a way to make the transition into a healthcare career. The transition is not necessarily an easy one or a quick one, but it can be done, and many professionals have made the transition without prior healthcare experience.

What Medical Jobs Are in Greatest Demand?

In a down economy and an environment with high unemployment, many people are seeking careers in fields that offer some level of job security due to high demand. These medical careers are the ones with the best job outlook, based on percentage growth of new jobs to be added, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the Different Types of Medical Careers?

Which medical jobs are the most stressful? Which medical jobs are the most satisfying? Which medical jobs are the highest paying? Learn more about different types of medical careers.

What If I Don't Want to Work Directly with Patients?

If you are interested in the medical industry but would prefer not to work in direct patient care, there are many non-clinical jobs on the industry side of the healthcare field. Medical industry jobs are jobs that entail providing a product or service for healthcare providers, patients, and medical facilities. Learn more about non-clinical medical industry jobs.

I Hear Health IT is a Growing Field...How Do I Get a Job in Health IT?

Many clinicians who have an interest and/or training in IT eventually want to make a transition into healthcare IT careers. Additionally, many IT professionals are looking for ways to make a change into the healthcare industry from some other IT sector. Learn how to break into healthcare IT, from an experienced HIT professional who made the switch from general/business IT to healthcare IT.