Titles of Common Health and Safety Jobs

Fire, environmental and law enforcement jobs make this list

Portrait Of Firefighter
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Health and safety careers are numerous, so if you're interested in entering the field, consult this list of job titles to explore this industry in more detail. Whether you're considering pursuing a career in law enforcement, fire safety, the environment or wellness, there's likely an occupation below that will intrigue you.

Fire-Related Jobs

There's no shortage of fire careers in the health and safety field.

Consider working as an arson or fire and explosion investigator, fire marshal, fire inspector or firefighter. You can also work to stop fires from happening by getting a job as a fire prevention inspector or fire prevention specialist.

Law Enforcement Positions

If law enforcement is a career that's long appealed to you, you might consider working as a jailer, correctional officer or police officer. You might also consider working as a security guard.

Environmental Careers

If you'd like to pursue a career in the safety arena with an environmental focus, you're in luck. There are a number of such jobs to choose from. For example, you could be an environmental scientist, an environmental health specialist, an environmental protection specialist, an environmental quality analyst or an environmental health and safety engineer or manager.

Environmental jobs also include careers such as toxics program officer or waste management specialist.

Health and Wellness

Perhaps you have an interest in health and wellness. If that's the case, you could pursue a career as an epidemiologist, ergonomist, industrial hygienist, infection control practitioner, staff physician for occupational medicine and primary care or medical director of employee health services.

You could also train to become an industrial hygiene/safety engineer or to assess injuries and safety hazards. Moreover, health professions in the safety industry include occupational health analyst and nurse.

Product Safety and Risk Control

If you find product safety intriguing, learn more about careers such as being a product responsibility liaison or product safety consultant, engineer or manager. You can also train to be a regional safety manager, resource conservation and recovery act enforcement officer or a number of risk control jobs, such as risk control consultant, representative or coordinator. You could also pursue a career as a loss control consultant.

Miscellaneous Jobs

A lot of jobs in the health and safety field are general or do not fit into a specific area. For example, you could work as a cargo surveyor, marine surveyor, petroleum inspector, extra vehicular activity safety engineer, insurance claims and insurance analyst or compliance investigator. You could also work as a safety director, engineer or technician.

Wrapping Up

If any of the above careers interest you, conduct further research to determine the training, education and experience you need to serve in the role.

Find out which, if any, assessments you'll have to take as well. You might also consider speaking to individuals who work in the occupation you'd like to serve in to get direct information from them about what your potential dream job is like.