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There's nothing more important than your health. And health insurance coverage can help make sure that a medical emergency doesn't turn into a financial one. Learn about the various types of health insurance, from HMO's to PPO's. And keep up with the latest changes to health care laws, rules, and regulations.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Health Insurance: Monthly premiums, the deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance.
How Does Health Insurance Work?
Health Insurance
Do You Need to Have Health Insurance?
Woman (60yrs) paying bills at home
What Is an Explanation of Benefits?
Medicare and Medicaid Health Programs Grandma with Child saving money
Key Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid and How They Work
Young male nurse helps elderly patient with weekly pill planner
What Does Medicare Part A Cover?
This illustration describes documentation that can help prove domestic partnership including "Shared ownership of a car or other property," "Proof of joint accounts (bank, credit, loans)," "Designation of primary beneficiary on benefits and wills," "Driver's licenses sharing a common address," and "Assignment of power of attorneys."
Domestic Partner Health Insurance Benefits 101—How To Get Coverage
Couple looks at laptop while reviewing a paper bill
What’s the Difference Between Copays and Coinsurance?
Physician with stethoscope listens intently to patient speaking
What Is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)?
Vision Insurance
Best Vision Insurance Companies of 2021
Doctor examining a coughing patient in hospital gown.
Health Insurance: How Cheaply Can You Get Coverage?
Male pediatrician holding stethoscope to child on mother's lap
HSA vs. FSA: Which Is Better?
Smiling doctor looking at patient in hospital bed.
What Is Balance Billing?
A couple with an infant is at home. The man is kissing the baby on the cheek.
What Is a Qualifying Life Event?
Dental hygienist helps female patient with paperwork at reception desk
What Is an Out-of-Pocket Maximum?
Mother and child at a doctor's appointment
What Is Single-Payer Health Insurance?
Woman filling out paperwork in a medical office
What Is a High-Deductible Health Plan?
Mother and daughter at the pediatric office
What Is Supplemental Health Insurance?
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4 Important Facts About Indemnity Health Insurance
Doctor and patient having a conversation
What Is a Copay?
Medicare card money
Here's How to Know If You Should Apply for Medicare at 65
A doctor and her patient talk.
A Breakdown of How Coinsurance Works in Your Health Insurance Policy
A couple talks with a doctor
When Is the Medicare Special Enrollment Period?
benefits of HSA vs. HRA
Is an HSA or HRA Better for Health Care Savings?
Hispanic Man Sitting At Dining Room Table Reaches For His Prescription Medications
How Much Is the Monthly Premium Cost of Medicare Part D?
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How to Dispute Incorrect Medical Bills or a Denied Insurance Claim
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What Is the HIPAA Law and Privacy Rule?
Image shows two doctors, a price tag, a hand holding a large coin next to an hourglass, store-brand pills, and a piggy bank. Text reads: "How to save on medical bills with no health insurance: research different doctors and hospitals and compare fees; ask for discounts; pay in advance for a reduced rate; ask for generic medications or free samples; set up a savings account for medical expenses"
How to Pay Your Medical Bills With No Health Insurance
Smiling friends carrying exercise mats
What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?
Father paying a receptionist a co pay for a doctor's appointment
How Do Health Insurance Deductibles Work?
Doctor reviews a patient's medical information
How Long Do You Have Health Insurance After Leaving a Job?
Doctor and nurses pushing a patient through the ER on a stretcher and holding an oxygen mask on their face
What Is Catastrophic Health Insurance?
Doctor and patient in office discussing what is a medical necessity
How Insurance Covers Medical Necessity Procedures
Shot of a female doctor discussing something with her patient
How Much Is Health Insurance?
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Average Health Insurance Cost for Single Male
Female doctor talking with patient
What Is the Average Health Insurance Premium?
Family going over options to find Nursing Home Insurance
What Does Nursing Home Insurance Cover and How Much Does It Cost?
Professional pharmacist using digital tablet to assist customer in pharmacy
Make Sense of HSAs and MSAs to Save for Health Care
A receptionist taking a patient’s insurance card in a dentist’s office
HMO, PPO, POS, EPO: What's the Difference?
Older woman looking away
What Is Medicare Part D?
A doctor checks a patient's blood pressure.
Medicare Deductible Guide: Costs Change in 2021 and 2022
Two People Lying Face Down on a Massage Table
Is Massage Therapy Covered by Insurance?
Closeup of a man's hand on his wife shoulder as he comforts her during a serious conversation with a doctor
What Is Critical Illness Insurance?
Young man with broken leg sits on couch looking at tablet
What Happens If I Don't Have Health Insurance?
A stethoscope and insurance form of a patient ready to file their health insurance claim
How to File a Health Insurance Claim in 4 Steps or Less
Health history claim form used in a doctor's visit, once the patient has provided their type of health insurance
The Different Networks Available When Shopping for Health Insurance
Patient paying insurance copayment to nurse with credit card at clinic check-in counter
Average Health Care Costs and Ways to Save
Opting out of health insurance coverage with Health Insurance Waivers
What Is a Health Insurance Waiver, and How Does It Work?
Woman filling out form, girl (3-5) on lap, in medical center
How Health Care Inequality Increases Costs for Everyone
Image shows two people speaking over a table; one person is asking for information from the other. Text reads: "What to know: getting group health insurance through a membership organization: Group insurance rates have lower premiums because the risk is spread out among a group of members, making it a better option than individual health insurance. Association health plans allow members of a group or profession to band together in order to negotiate better premiums for their members (don't necessarily need to be under same employer); Unions, alumni associations, and professional organizations are a few membership groups that provide benefits to members"
How to Get Group Health Insurance Without an Employer Plan
Doctor's office check up.
How to Use Your COBRA Insurance Effectively
woman in lab coat offering prescriptions
Does My HSA Cover Over-the-Counter Medicine?
Father showing laptop to daughter while sitting at table in dining room
How Children Can Get SSI When a Parent Is Disabled
Health woman using Medicare Part B coverage.
Near Age 65? Time to Learn What Medicare Part B Covers.
Woman seeing dentist
Should I Use a Dental Discount Card or Dental Insurance?
Doctor shaking hand of a man in a hospital bed
11 Health Insurance Options When You Have No Job or Money
A woman looks at a computer
Can I Cancel My Health Insurance?
older man with nurse at home
How to Get Covered by Your Home Health Care
Woman frowning and thinking while looking at cell phone and laptop.
Your HSA Might Be the Best Retirement Fund You Have
Woman Taking Cell Phone Photo
How Out-of-State Health Insurance Works
Nurse consoling patient
How Medicare Covers Hospice Care