Hayley M. Abernathy

Hayley M. Abernathy

Real Estate, Homeownership, SEO, Copyediting
Freelance Writer & Editor
Bryan College


  • Writes about real estate and homeownership for publications like HomeLight and The Balance
  • Former English and composition teacher turned freelance writer
  • Has over five years of experience in freelance copyediting and writing consulting


Hayley Abernathy is a freelance writer and editor with over five years of experience. She has a passion for all things related to real estate and homeownership. That passion grew from a love for house-hunting and home improvement, plus the successes and mistakes of her own homeownership journey.

Before focusing on her freelance career, Hayley spent four years teaching English and composition to middle and high school students in a private setting. During that time, she developed the school's writing scope for the seventh through 12th grades and developed and taught the senior capstone research writing course.

Hayley was raised in East Tennessee and now resides in Knoxville with her husband and three children.


Hayley has a bachelor's in English literature from Bryan College, with minors in writing and Spanish. During college, she also worked as a peer writing consultant, helping students revise their own writing and better understand how to wield the power of the written word.

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