Halloween Sweepstakes and Contests: Chances to Win Spooky Prizes!

For People Who Love Tricks & Treats: Halloween-Themed Giveaways

Image of a Halloween pumpkin filled with candy.
Get "treated" this Halloween by winning great prizes in these sweepstakes and contests.. Image (c) GrenouilleFilms / Getty Images.

Want to Win Spooky Prizes? Enter Halloween Sweepstakes, Contests, and Giveaways:

Every fall, major brands take advantage of the holiday to offer fun Halloween-themed sweepstakes. From candy companies like Mars and Nestle to media outlets like Netflix and Skype, companies use Halloween giveaways to showcase their products while giving entrants some chills and (hopefully) winning thrills.

Wondering what the most popular Halloween prizes are?

Each year, you'll find companies offering trips to scary events like Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights and other festivities. Cash is a popular prize as well (Mars used to give away a million dollars every Halloween. I'm still hoping that giveaway will return!). Instant candy prizes are popular, as well as electronics and more.

Of course, Halloween costume contests are very popular, and if you'd like to enter them, there are many ways that you can improve your odds of winning them. Coming up with a fabulous costume idea is just the first step; setting up a great photograph so that you show your costume to its best effect will also help you boost your chances of taking home a prize. The link at the beginning of this paragraph has lots of tips to help you beat the competition.

And don't forget to enter pumpkin carving contests, in person and online, as well. Click that link to for creative pumpkin carving ideas, and other tips to boost your chances of winning.

How to Win Halloween Contests and Sweepstakes:

To get the best odds of winning, you'll want to find out about the Halloween giveaways as soon as possible after they start, and to maximize your entries. That means returning daily to enter daily giveaways, weekly for weekly sweepstakes, and monthly for monthly giveaways.


Current Halloween Contests and Sweepstakes to Enter:

The current Halloween Sweepstakes have expired, but a new batch of fun and spooky prizes to win will begin soon.

In the meantime, you might enjoy entering to win cash prizes to fund your own spooky adventures. You can also try your hand at winning a free trip, even if it doesn't have a Halloween theme. And the Food and Drink Sweepstakes list often has yummy candy prizes.

Check back on this page starting in the fall of 2016, when Halloween giveaways will start making an appearance.

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