Halloween Party Ideas to Create a Halloween for Less

Throw Your Party for Less With These Halloween Freebies

Use these Halloween party ideas to save a ton of money throwing your Halloween party this year. You'll be able to get free Halloween party invitations, free Halloween music and sound effects, party games that involve no extra cost, and printable Halloween masks you can use as favors.

Saving money on these costly Halloween party items will let you spend more money on the important stuff like some creepy crawly foods and your Halloween costume.

I've got even more Halloween freebies as well so you can save even more money this Halloween.

Free Halloween Invitations to Invite Your Guests

A Halloween invitation shaped like a skeleton.
Martha Stewart

These Halloween invitations are all completely free and can be printed from your home computer. All can be customized with your Halloween party information and some can even be customized with your own photo. I love these Halloween party invitations and I think they look even better than ones you buy at the store.

There are also free online Halloween invitations if you'd like to make sure you don't even have to pay for a stamp. Besides looking great, some of these online Halloween invitations even give your guests the option of sending in their RSVP online. More

Free Music for Your Halloween Party

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Once your guests get to your Halloween party then you're going to want to set the mood. An easy way to do that is with some spooky Halloween party music. This music is all free and can be downloaded or streamed from your computer or mobile device during your Halloween party.

If you're looking for something a little more spooky, you'll want to check out some free Halloween sound effects that will really help set the mood of your Halloween party. More

Halloween Party Games That Won't Cost You a Dime

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You'll want to have some party games for your guests and this is a list of almost 50 Halloween party games that use items you probably already have on hand. There are lots of ideas here that range from dance contests to trivia games.

I've divided this list into Halloween party games for adults and those for kids so you can easily view the options depending on who's coming to your party. More

Free Halloween Masks for Guests

Screenshot of a printable monster halloween mask
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There always seems to be someone who forgets their Halloween costume.

These free Halloween masks can be printed from your computer and will provide an easy backup so everyone at the party has a mask. They also can make great party favors! More