Halloween Party Games for Kids

A List of Fun Classroom and Halloween Party Games for Kids

All the Halloween party games for kids listed below use items that you probably already have on hand at your house. Do a little digging and you'll have a ton of Halloween party games ready to go for the kids!

These Halloween party games are great for Halloween classroom parties, kids' Halloween parties, or fun games to just play at home in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Are you looking for online Halloween games for kids instead of Halloween party games for kids?

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Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game

Ronnie Kaufman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A fun Halloween party game for kids where they search for hand-drawn pumpkins that are hidden around the house or classroom. The person or team that finds the most pumpkins wins!

Monster Freeze Dance

Two kids dressed up as monsters.
Nick David/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Put on some Halloween tunes and have the kids boogie until the music stops when they have to freeze.

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Old Costume Relay Race

A group of kids running in their Halloween costumes.
Sean Locke/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Have kids take turns putting on and taking off old Halloween costumes in this fun and frantic Halloween party game for kids.

Halloween Feel Box

A mannequin hand reaching out from a creepy box.
Tom Mareschal/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

This gross game is always a popular Halloween party game for kids! Make boxes with slimy food and household items and have the kids feel their way through the box. More

Wrap the Mummy

A child wrapped up as a mummy in toilet paper.
Tanya Little/Moment Open/Getty Images

Kids work together in this game to wrap a classmate with toilet paper or crepe paper.

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Pass It On Ghost Story

Children whispering on Halloween.
Peter Muller/Cultura/Getty Images

Tell ghost stories in a round robin fashion in this spooky Halloween party game for kids.

Candy Corn Relay Race

A pile of candy corn with a spoon.
Garry Gay/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

A fun Halloween party game for kids of all ages! Kids race to take scoops of candy corn from one bowl to another. Only they can't use their hands to help!

Halloween Memory Game

Halloween food and table decorations.
John Block/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Work those kids brains in this educational and fun Halloween party game for kids. Kids use their memory to remember what Halloween items were on the table before they were hidden.

Wiggle Worm Race

Two kids playing in Halloween costumes.
Roberto Westbrook/Blend Images/Getty Images

This is a Halloween party game that will get kids moving! Kids form a "worm" and then run from one spot to another trying to keep their worm intact.

Scarecrow Races

A kid dressed up as a scarecrow, holding a pumpkin.
Linda Yolanda/E+/Getty Images

A fun relay race is the basis for this fast-paced Halloween party game for kids. The kids race in teams to dress a scarecrow - one article of clothing at a time.

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin Game

A girl with a blindfold
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Blindfold kids and have them pin the stem on the pumpkin in this fun and challenging Halloween party game for kids.

How Many Halloween Candies Guessing Game

A jar full of Halloween candy.
Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Fill a jar with Halloween candy and have kids compete to find out how many pieces are in the jar.

Halloween Jinx

A young girl covering her mouth.
JPM/Image Source/Getty Images

This Halloween party game for kids isn't about what they're supposed to do but what they're not supposed to do. Who can go through the whole Halloween party without saying one of the taboo Halloween words? More

The Spooky Walk

A group of children playing musical chairs.
Sabine Duerichen / LOOK-foto/LOOK/Getty Images

A fun twist on musical chairs is the theme for this Halloween party for kids. More

Candy Corn Catch

A few pieces of candy corn.
Karen Mower/E+/Getty Images

A Halloween party game for kids where the object is to catch candy corn thrown by your partner into a plastic pumpkin you're wearing around your waist. More

Halloween Capture the Pumpkins

A group of boys running with pumpkins.
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A fun and active Halloween party game for kids that combines capture the flag with tag. More