Halloween Party Game Ideas for All Ages

A Huge List of Halloween Party Games That Won't Cost a You a Cent

Halloween party games are a great way to add activities to your next Halloween party without any extra costs. All of the Halloween game ideas below only use items that you already have around the house so there will be no other costs involved unless you want to buy small prizes for the winners.

The Halloween party games below will be a hit for all ages, children all the way up to adult. I also have lists of Halloween party games for kids and Halloween party games for adults for even more Halloween party game ideas.

You can find other Halloween party freebies and Halloween free stuff to make your Halloween even better for less.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game

Britt Erlanson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

This is a fun Halloween game idea for kids and adults alike that have you hunting from floor to ceiling to be the one who finds the most hidden pumpkins.

This game has you use the little fake pumpkins but you certainly could hide paper pumpkins to make this a more frugal and weather-friendly game. More

Wiggle Worm Race

Family with girl (8-9) and boy (8-9) is posing with vampire teeth
Marcel Steger / Getty Images

In this Halloween party game, you'll form a human worm and see just how long you can keep it all together.

This is an obvious choice for younger kids but actually, older kids and even adults might have a blast with it. More

Monster Freeze Dance

Children in Halloween costumes jumping for joy
Granger Wootz / Getty Images

A traditional Halloween party game where you dance to the music and then freeze when it turns off.

Here's some free Halloween music to make it easy. More

Halloween Guess Who Game

Three boys in costumes at party
Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images

Can you guess what Halloween character you are in this fun Halloween party game?

This party game includes a list of characters as well as game variations. More

Old Costume Relay Race

Getting ready for the Halloween
AleksandarNakic / Getty Images

This Halloween game idea is a relay race with a twist. The winning team is the one who can change in and out of their Halloween costume the fastest!

If you have a smaller group you can just have individuals race. More

Halloween Feel Box

Tom Mareschal/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

A favorite Halloween party game for trick-or-treaters of all ages that will have everyone saying "ewww!"

This is a great sensory game idea and there are lots of ideas for what to put in your Halloween box. More

Wrap the Mummy

Girl wrapping toilet paper around her little brother at home
Westend61 / Getty Images

Use toilet paper or crepe paper to see who can wrap a human mummy the fastest in this fast-paced Halloween party game. More

Candy Corn Relay Race

Candy corn
Henry Horenstein / Getty Images

Another relay race is the basis of this Halloween party game. How much candy corn can you transfer to the other bowl? How about without using your hands? More

Halloween Memory Game

Children celebrating Halloween
ArtMarie / Getty Images

Test the memories of your guests in this fun Halloween party game. More

Scarecrow Races

Kids' costume party at park
Eri Morita / Getty Images

Race to get your scarecrow dressed first in this Halloween party game.

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin Game

Paper halloween pumpkin
igor kisselev, www.close-up.biz / Getty Images

Do you remember playing pin the tail on the donkey? In this Halloween party game, you'll be playing pin the stem on the pumpkin! More

How Many Halloween Candies Guessing Game

Bowl of pumpkin shaped Halloween candy.
Melissa Ross / Getty Images

A fun Halloween party game ice breaker that will have your guests trying to make their best guess. More

Halloween Jinx

Caucasian girl covering her mouth
KidStock / Getty Images

This Halloween party game uses no materials, has no set up time and will keep your guests on their toes for the whole party! More

Halloween Word Scramble

Making the perfect Halloween decor
Jacob Wackerhausen / Getty Images

A Halloween party game that will challenge your guests to use some brain power to create new words from Halloween terms. More

The Spooky Walk

Children playing Musical Chairs, children's birthday party
Sabine Duerichen / LOOK-foto / Getty Images

This Halloween party game is another twist on musical chairs that eliminates all the pushing and running.

Candy Corn Catch

Unexpected Viewpoints
(C) Maite Pons / Getty Images

This is a fun Halloween party game that will have your guests scrambling to collect the most candy corn.

Halloween Capture the Pumpkins

Midsection of girl holding a carved pumpkin
Malin Holm / Getty Images

Capture the Pumpkins is a Halloween party game twist on the traditional capture the flag game.

Frankenstein Relay

Trick or Treat
Bill Hornstein / Getty Images

This Halloween party game involves an obstacle course while the kids are acting like Frankenstein.

Halloween Corners Game

Mixed race girl in mask peeking around corner
Inti St Clair / Getty Images

This Halloween party game is great for a Halloween classroom party. The last student standing will be declared the winner.

Witch's Stew

Drinking straw
Adél Békefi / Getty Images

This is a great Halloween party game for kids that challenges kids to pick up Halloween pictures as quickly as possible - using only a straw! More

Pumpkin Penny Pitch

Person cutting open pumpkin
Shmuel Thaler / Getty Images

See which guest can get the most pennies in the pumpkin in this Halloween party game. More


Concentrated boy roasting food in campfire
Portra Images / Getty Images

Think Halloween party game meets Concentration in this fun matching game. More

Halloween Story Game

Little Red Riding Hood
Joey Boylan / Getty Images

This Halloween party game starts with a story prompt on your Halloween party invitation. How will your guests finish the story?

Halloween Film Festival Game

Werewolf at sunset
Rebecca Nelson / Getty Images

This Halloween party game really lets the creative juices flow when your guests recreate Halloween classic movies or TV shows.

Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt

Man taking digital photograph of woman wearing witch costume
Rob Melnychuk / Getty Images

A photo scavenger hunt will be the hit of your next party in this fun Halloween party game.

Halloween Video Scavenger Hunt

Man using old fashioned cinecamera
?zg?r Donmaz / Getty Images

Instead of a Halloween photo scavenger hunt, how about a video scavenger hunt? More

Halloween Movie Master Game

photo by gqhaha / Getty Images

You'll need to recreate scenes of Halloween movies in this Halloween party game.

Killer Instinct

Portrait Of Person With Mask
Olga Osipova / EyeEm / Getty Images

This Halloween party game is only for the older kids and adults because it creates quite the scare. More

Halloween Movie & TV Trivia

Octopus Attacking Television Set
Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

Hand out these Halloween movie and TV trivia questions to see how much your guests really know. More

Have You Learned Anything From Horror Movies?

Boy peeking over top of seat during horror movie in theater
PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura / Getty Images

In this Halloween party game, you'll challenge guests to apply what they've learned from horror movies to freighting scenarios. More

The Devil Is In the Details

Halloween decoration
Eri Morita / Getty Images

A great Halloween party game for kids and adults that will force your guests to appreciate your Halloween decorations. More

Famous Movie Quotes

Moss man hiding on street
William Andrew / Getty Images

Can your guests match the famous movie quotes to the correct spooky movie? More

Prop Builders

Mom and daughter decorate for Halloween
M_a_y_a / Getty Images

Split your guests into teams and give them props to create their own scary scenes in this unique Halloween party game. More

Movie Picture Clues

Girls in costumes watching scary movie together on Halloween
KidStock / Getty Images

See if your guests can match the spooky images with the correct Halloween flick in this Halloween party game. More

Chalk Outlines

Chalk outline of a body
Image Source / Getty Images

A Halloween party game best for adults that will have your guests guessing which chalk outline belongs to which guest. More

Halloween Battle of the Balloons

Young girl in rabbit costume with balloon
Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images

A hilarious Halloween party game for party-goers of all ages! How many balloons can you pop? More

Pass It On Ghost Story

Mixed race girls telling secrets
Blend Images - KidStock / Getty Images

In this Halloween party game, you'll see how your story changes in this pass it on version of a ghost story. More

Halloween Word Search Puzzles

A girl in a Halloween costume completing a math worksheet.
Tim Hall/Cultura/Getty Images

Print out these free word search puzzles and guests can race to find out who can find all the hidden words first. More

Halloween Bingo

Portrait of kids playing games
Fotosearch / Getty Images

Print out some of these free Halloween bingo cards and have prizes for guests who get bingos. More