Green Monday: What, When, Where

This Is the Second-Best Day for Online Holiday Deals

Green Monday holiday shopping
It's obvious why people love online shopping. Photo: PeskyMonkey/Getty Images

Green Monday is the second Monday in December. It's also known as Cyber Monday 2 because it's the second biggest day for online holiday shopping.

For that reason, Green Monday is promoted by top stores like Wal-mart, Target and Amazon to extend the excitement around Cyber Week and the Black Friday kickoff to the holiday shopping season. 

Green Monday 2015 retail sales were $1.408 trillion. That did not beat the all-time record of $1.615 trillion set in 2014.

That was a 15.3 percent increase over 2013. Only Cyber Monday saw greater sales, at $2.5 billion. (Source: Statista)

Both Green Monday and Cyber Monday follow the bricks-and-mortar shopping done on Black Friday, the first shopping day after Thanksgiving. However, the online days set greater records each year as more people enjoy the convenience of shopping with their computers, tablets and phones. 

Like Cyber Monday, Green Monday is more appealing to Millennials and Gen X. Sixty percent of those under 40 buy their holiday gifts online, compared to just 40 percent of Baby Boomers. 

The holiday shopping season is critical because one fifth of annual retail sales occurs between Black Friday and Christmas. Some, like jewelers, receive 40 percent of their annual revenue during the holidays.

Green Monday Sales History Chart

YearSales (in Trillions)Percent Increase
2005   $.556  N.A.
2006   $.661  18.9%
2007   $.881  33.3%
2008   $.859   -2.5%
2009   $.854   -0.6%
2010   $.954  11.7%
2011 $1.133  18.8%
2012 $1.275  12.5%
2013 $1.401    9.9%
2014 $1.615  15.3%
2015$1.408 -12.8%

How Did Green Monday Get Its Name?

In 2007, eBay reported that its busiest day was actually the second Monday in December. That's when shoppers realize they needed to get gifts in the mail so they would arrive by Christmas. eBay christened it Green Monday for two reasons. First, green meant revenue for the company.

Second, eBay markets online shopping as environmentally friendly, or greener than brick-and-mortar stores.

Green Monday is no longer the busiest day, as shoppers are attracted to deals throughout Cyber Week. However, it's still green for them, since they save money from retailers promoting even bigger discounts on that day. That's when you can get 50 percent to 90 percent off regular prices. (Source: "Green Monday Raises Red Flag for Online Shoppers," PC World)

How to Get the Best Green Monday Deals

Deals can be found on each stores' Green Monday or Cyber Monday websites. You can find the best deals for all stores on FatWallet's Green Monday web site.

Green Monday sales can be found on, which promotes online discounts from 800 retailers year-round. ​These Cyber Monday Shopping Tips can also apply to Green Monday.

Of course, the best deals are on Wal-Mart's site. More than 300 online specials are offered, including ten of the most popular deals from Black Friday.  Green Monday was’s highest traffic day in December for two years in a row. (Source: "Green Monday," Wal-Mart.)  

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