Got the Company Layoff Blues?

Employees Care About Company Layoff Practices

Here's hope and help. If you're afraid layoffs loom in your company, use these resources to be prepared. If you're a downsized employee who needs to search for a new job, these company layoff resources will help.

If you were lucky enough to survive the company layoff, here's how to cope with the loss of coworkers in the company layoffs. You don't have to face layoff fallout alone. These company layoff resources will help.

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How to to Recession-proof Your Job and Career

Businessman with hands on chin at workstation
If you're afraid layoffs loom in your company, use these resources to be prepared. Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

In the economic chaos prevailing in the world, many employees will lose their jobs. Unfortunately, you could be one of them. Depending upon your industry, the strength of your company, your continued sales (or lack thereof), your employment role, and the decisions made by government officials, the threat of a layoff could be imminent. Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope all of the potential threats to your job disappear. These tips will help you recession-proof your job and career. More

In Danger of Getting Fired or Laid Off?

Employment termination - no matter the cause - is scary, disorienting, and disruptive to habitual patterns. Getting fired is never fun; layoffs are equally disheartening. In either scenario, your feelings of self-worth are dealt a blow. Just when you need a positive outlook to help you find your next opportunity, you feel dizzy as if your whole world is spinning out of control. Don’t despair. Better? Prepare yourself for your next layoff or employment termination – before the fateful meeting. More

When Your Employment Was in Danger, What Did You Do To Keep Your Job?

Do you have strategies to share about how to keep your job in the face of potential employment termination? In these economic times, keeping your job is the priority. Share your tips for keeping your job. More

How to Cope When Coworkers Lose Their Jobs

You’re sad, you’re scared, and you’re worried that your job might be the next to go. You’re also relieved, you’re thankful, and you feel guilty that you still have a job. You’re suffering from the loss of your coworkers, and despite being a downsizing survivor, you feel a bit like a victim, too. Welcome to the new world of jumbled emotions while you learn to cope with the loss of your coworkers in a layoff. More

How Did You Cope With the Loss of Coworkers in Layoffs?

You are happy you survived the layoffs, but you need to cope with the loss of your coworkers. And, you need to rebuild your trust in your company's management and direction. Your managers can help, but there is much that you can do, too, to cope with the loss of coworkers in layoffs. With more company layoffs occurring daily, more employees are affected by layoffs. Please share your coworker layoff coping tips with us. Please share your tips. More

I Just Lost My Job: How Am I Going To Tell My Kids?

One of the responsibilities of a human resources professional is to let employees know that their job has been eliminated. Job loss and the following job search are painful and upsetting for most people. Additionally, parents must tell family members about the job loss and mitigate their fears about the family, the income, and the job search. Here are ten tips. More

Severance Pay

Severance pay provides a helpful ladder to the next paycheck.
Severance pay provides a helpful ladder to the next paycheck. Kyu Oh / Getty Images

Severance pay is money that an employer might want to provide for an employee who is leaving their employ. Normal circumstances that might warrant severance pay include layoffs, job elimination, and mutual agreement to part ways for whatever reason. Severance pay usually amounts to a week or two of pay for each year of service to the company. More