Google Compare Insurance Website Review

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Google began offering car insurance comparison in the United States through its website, Google Compare Auto Insurance Services, Inc., in March of 2015. The service is still in its early stages and the long-term success is still unknown. However, we can already see some changes from the very beginning and can take a look at how it operates and how successful it has been to this point.

Currently, the company offers insurance comparison in California but has plans to soon expand to more states including Texas and Illinois.

On the website, Google Compare invites US insurance providers to contact them if they would like to join.

Google Compare’s CEO, Nicolas Weng Kan, recently addressed the Trusted Choice Company Partners and made it clear that Google has no plans of becoming an auto insurer or an insurance agency. While the company is licensed in all U.S. states, this was for regulatory purposes according to the CEO.  He also indicated that Google’s expertise lies in linking insurance consumers back to those who can provide insurance and service them.

Google Compare offers its services to consumers for free but states that the company is compensated by some of the insurers. The company does not give out your phone number to insurance providers which should help ease some security concerns and the fear of having unwanted solicitation calls from auto insurers.

How it Works

When you decide to compare auto insurance quotes through Google Compare, you will go through a four-step process:

  • Enter vehicle information
  • Enter driver information
  • Enter current coverage desired
  • Enter personal information

The results are displayed for you to compare but the listed quotes are not necessarily based on the cheapest quote available but also other factors such as strength of brand. The full algorithm for how the results are displayed has not been disclosed.

You can get up to 14 prices on car insurance. Licensed insurance providers are available for you to ask questions of if you have any questions before making a decision to purchase a policy. Google Compare leaves the decision with the customer whether to buy online or to finalize the purchase with a local agent.

Partner Insurance Companies

Google Compare partners with several auto insurance providers and some of these providers will allow you to purchase your policy online.  The company has plans to grow its number of insurance providers in the near future.

Some of Google Compare’s auto insurer partners include:

New Features

Google Compare recently announced it is adding several new features to its auto insurance comparison services including:

  • User assessments of insurance companies
  • Customer assistance in contacting a local agent
  • View customer ratings of insurance providers including customer service, claims satisfaction and if the customer recommends the company.


This website is still in its infancy so a complete review is not possible. The UK Google insurance comparison website has been in operation since 2013 with a measure of success.

Google already has an online comparison site for credit cards and plans are in the works to soon launch a website dealing with mortgage comparisons. We know Google is a new player in auto insurance comparison websites but with as big a name as Google, we are bound to hear and see more of Google Compare with possible expansion into more insurance comparison services in the future.  If you would like to try out Google’s US auto insurance comparison service, you can visit the Google Compare website.